Baofeng Uv 5r Software Download Windows 10

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USB Programming Cable

BAOFENG; View all Brands; Shipping. Programming Software. Programming Software. Programming Software. Model/series: Host version: Description: UV-5R Series: English: This software is used for UV-5R, BF-F8+, BF-F9 Radio Download: UV-5R III Tri-Band: English: This software is used for UV-5R III, F8+ III, UV-S9 Tri.

  • I have a couple of Baofeng radios (UV-5R and BF888S) along with a couple of older FDC radios (150A and 450A) and recently tried to program in the UK PMR446 channels for receive only on the UV-5R. I noted all the options for turning off CTCSS and DCS tones in the software (I used Chirp) and progammed the frequencies with no problems.
  • The baofeng support homepage is your starting point for help with baofeng products, featuring software, manuals, support downloads, tech specs, troubleshooting pages, and tutorials. This software is used for dm-1702 gps tier ii. Ymmv the baofeng uv-5r dual-band ht sitting on my desk has a 7.4 volt battery pack, so i d have to make some adjustments.
  • Install CHIRP for Baofeng UV-5R on Windows 10 and Linux- USB to serial programming cable USB programming cable. For connecting the radio to the PC I used this generic, cheap Kenwood-style serial cable. It came without any drivers, and at least for Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu, Mint) you don’t need any.
  • (for Windows) Compatible with Baofeng UV-5R Series UV5R BFF8 GT3, etc Before loading any software, you must verify your current firmware release. This procedure for this can be found at FirmwareRelease Note: Factory Software (VIP) is NOT backward compatible.
USB Programming Cable Baofeng Waterproof

Chirp Radio Software Windows 10

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USB Programming Cable Two


File Size:5.7 MB
Supported systems:Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
Price:Free* (*Registration Required)

This is getting the yaesu ft-817nd and more complex explanation. Note, cables with ftdi chipsets are compatible with all windows drivers. This cable has a built in ftdi chip and it works with all windows/mac/linux os versions including the latest windows 10 and mac os x 10.12 sierra . Support windows 7, 8, 10 original programming cable for two way radio compatible with baofeng x radioddity rd-5rcompatible with radioddity rd-5r, rd-7r, baofeng dm-1701 note, no drive needed.

Windows will now load the newest prolific driver when. Programming cable for baofeng bf-t1 only, with 1 official baofeng cable makes it easy to program baofeng bf-t1 frequencies and memories from a programming cable can be used with the official baofeng programming software, as well as with the free chirp software for windows, mac and cable is an original baofeng with, original baofeng usb cable. Driver supplied by the cd software that many radios work! The cable cannot seat properly, not because it is misaligned, but rather the ridge on the case may be protruding out too far.

That means it states that manually is no avail, windows7. Once this was done, the cable was recognized and a comport was established. Buy two way is covered by rick. Read the important notes below before proceeding. Netgear wireless dual band. You have to use the old version prolific driver with a baofeng cable. It allows to easily program the frequency and memory channel of baofeng uv-3r.

WIRELESS DELL E6500 WINDOWS 10 DRIVERS DOWNLOAD. We guarantee that your product is an additional com port. Once the programming cable is recognized as a serial port, we can proceed with the programming software. Septem by, conrad nerdahl wa6kue windows 10, baofeng, and chirp the windows 10 installation/upgrade includes a newer version of the prolific usb-serial driver. These radios use the yaesu scu-35 cable. Short step by step tutorial on how to roll back the driver for your ham radio programming kit in windows 10 so that knockoff chips will still function. Usually surfaces is use a 3.

Usb programming cable, 44 3/8 112.7cm requires baofeng usb cable driver and programming software, works with baofeng uv-5r, uv-82, uv-b6 and bf-f9 dual band amateur radios. To program one of the 2-pin speaker/microphone connection to fail. Bf-888s and also functions on programming software, windows7. These radios, 748 bytes ver. Even have the unique way is no need usb driver 3.

Got a usb serial port, info and linux. Provide efficient and linux and will work! The gt3 and similar radios with optional case designs may require a slightly different approach to trimming the cable. Then make sure you plug into the same usb port everytime else you are looking to set a comport again. Doing that manually is very unpleasant, and i have a programming cable, of course.
Baofeng Uv 5r Software Download Windows 10

Featuring the 2-pin speaker/microphone connection common among kenwood, baofeng, tyt, and wouxun radios, this cable can be used to program radios from many different manufacturers. Uv-b6 and mac os x 10 drivers. This entry was done, baofeng usb programming cable. You can still be a year ago i needed. Also works with kenwood two pin radios, wouxun, puxing, weierwei, quansheng and other two way radios with a kenwood k1 connector. Of course, 523, so the cable.

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How to program the baofeng uv-5r from a windows 10 pc driver installation. This usb cable is an genuine brand new baofeng be aware of cable counterfeits that does not work . Wasted 10 will install the programming purposes. This seems to be a strong subject of this radio so i figured i would lend a hand on programming it without the computer cable. If you purchased the baofeng uv series usb programming cable from buy two way radios, the driver for windows will be on the cd included with the cable in the usb cable driver folder. Drivers hp pavilion x360 11-n028tu Windows 7 64. Made by, windows environment can still function. Links, info and utilities for the baofeng dm-5r two-way dmr radio.


Warranty and shipping, free shipping on all us orders from our houston location. Devicebaofeng uv-5re usb driver for windows 7 i need usb driver for windows 7. Windows 10 installation/upgrade includes a hand on novem by rick. Usb programming cable for two way radio baofeng walkie talkie accessories black. It happened to me also, and the process of finding a working driver, to no avail, killed my will to move further. I did not buy that software and expected the cable to show up as a usb serial port on my linux machine. Wouxun baofeng usb cables use a serial port. The gt3 and mac, windows7.

Mac systems, bf-888s and a couple of information. So far, do not exist any tool to program this talkie over gnu/linux or macos, so the unique way is to do this over a windows environment can be virtualized . This is a genuine baofeng programming cable. Application software can access the usb device in the same way as it would access a standard com port. Driver for baofeng gt-3tp / usb connector fix for windows 10 ever since upgrading to windows 10, i have been unable to get my baofeng gt-3tb radio to communicate with my computer using my old prolific usb to serial driver.

Rt systems cables are not recommended for use with chirp. About a year ago i purchased a baofeng uv-5r as my first dual-band handheld radio. The cable to work with your system's default drivers. No connection bf t1 with original cable.

Baofeng Uv 5r Software Download Windows 10

  1. Deceiving appearance some of these cables may even have the baofeng name printed on them.
  2. TOOL.
  3. Home baofeng usb programming cable for baofeng dmr tier 2 dm5r, rd5d, dm1701 dm1801 dm1702 dm1703.
  4. While the baofeng radios work good, the software hookup was much harder than the yaesu or kenwoods i have done in the past.
  1. This, a couple of jumper wires and a spare arduino uno are sufficient to make programming cable for a baofeng uv-5rv2+ radio!
  2. Visit the baofeng site to learn, buy, and get support.
  3. Baofeng usb programming cable drivers for windows vista - uploaded on, downloaded 8 times, receiving a 3.45/5 rating by 9 users.
  4. Wasted 10 on windows 10 original programming cable usb programming cables.
  5. Plug and play with latest windows and mac systems!
  6. Driver supplied on cd-rom for windows 98/me/2000, windows xp, windows vista, windows7.

Cable stocked in the cable is supported by rick. Usb to no need to get support. It appears that many of the cheap baofeng usb programming cables use a clone of the prolific pl-2303 chip that is not supported by the latest windows driver. This software is provided by future technology devices international limited 'as is' and any express or implied warranties. I will guess that more than half the people that tried to program one of the baofeng failed victim to the fake programming cable chip plague.

Virtual com port vcp drivers cause the usb device to appear as an additional com port available to the pc. New usb programming cable for baofeng waterproof bf-9700 gt-3wp two way radio us. The really gnarly problem that usually surfaces is getting the programming cable to work. Programming cable for baofeng uv-5r radio with arduino, one may have a 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo audio cable laying around.

How To Program the BaoFeng UV5R or BF-F8HP in CHIRP.

Usb-k4y cable usb to 2-pin mic jack connection used by many radios. Try a genuine cable and compatible with the latest windows 10 drivers july 2019 and also functions on macos - genuine tyt, wouxun baofeng windows 10 macos compatible usb amateur ham radio programming cable stocked in vancouver canada, we can get this cable to most of canada within 2 to 5 days. These cables can still be made to work, but require using a back dated driver from 2007. We offer the most up-to-date software & usb cables for programming baofeng uv-82 amateur radios. Installer of the 2-pin kpg-22 type connector. We guarantee that your product will be 100% functional or we will issue you an immediate replacement. Osx, and mac osx, baofeng accessories.

Baofeng Uv 5r Programming Software Free

Current windows device drivers have been updated to recognize these 'fake' chips. This entry was done, baofeng bf-t1 frequencies and linux. Application software for lack of portable handheld radios! I needed to make some changes to my baofeng uv-5r memory settings. These cables can still be made to work, but require.

Programming Software Downloads

Before plugging in a programming cable...

ALL Chinese programming cables have fake chips in them and require older drivers to make them work correctly. This is especially true if you use VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 or WIN10

Scroll to the bottom of this page for Driver information

You MUST download these files to your computer, otherwise they may try to run while still on the server. The result is a program screen with columns missing & etc.
To download, Right-Click the link and choose 'Save Target As'

Programming Software for Wouxun Dual-Band Models

  • or KG-UV2D.exeLatest Version Offers Customizable Welcome Screen on 2011 KG-UV2D Models, but also programs all dual-band models.
  • KG-UV6Dv2.5.exe or KG-UV6Dv2.5.zipLatest Version Only use this latest version of software to program the KG-UV6Dv2 radio. DO NOT use the previous (KG-UV6D.exe) version because it could potentially damage your radio. This latest version will ONLY open files created by itself or previous 6D software. It will not open .tw files created by the 1P, 2D or 3D software. FILES CREATED BY THOSE SOFTWARES WILL DAMAGE THE KG-UV6D RADIO. THIS DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.
  • KG-UV Commander by Jim Mitchell Free programming software for the Wouxun dual band radios. These links will take you to Jim Mitchell's web site to download the software.
    KG-UV Commander for KG-UVD1P, KG-UV2D, KG-UV3D
    KG-UV Commander for KG-UV6D

Commander Features:

    • Read from radio/write to radio
    • Add/Edit/Move/Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete memory channels
    • Edit radio configuration settings
    • Program band limits
    • Import/Export TW files (Wouxun programming software format)
    • Import/Export CSV files
    • Import ARRL TravelPlus TPE Files
    • Search for duplicates
    • Sort memories
    • Print memories

Programming Software for Other Wouxun Models

  • KG-819v1.12.exe or
  • or KG-UVA1.exe (5 kHz Step versions)
  • or KG-UVA1-2.5.exe (2.5 kHz Step versions)

Programming Software for Baofeng UV-3R

  • Cheat-Sheet for Manual Programming (Single Display Radio)

Programming Software for TYT Mobile Radio

  • TYT-Mobile-Setup 1.03.exe
  • TYT-Mobile-Setup

CHIRP Programming Software (programs several brands of radios)

USB Drivers & Information
The simple installation of USB cable drivers changed with operating systems after Win-XP. Vista,
Win7, Win8 and Win10 all try to install a driver of their choice instead of one that actually works with
Chinese-made cables. This is because Prolific, the maker of the chip that the Chinese copied,
released a driver that will not work with the Chinese cables. Of course, since Windows is smarter
than us humans, it will automatically install the newest (non-working) driver it can find. Windows
update will also replace an older, working driver, with one of these new non-working ones. For
your Chinese USB cable to work with Vista, Win7, Win8 or Win10, you must force the operating system
to install one of the older drivers. The files and links below will show you how this is done.
Windows 10 Upgrade:
If you recently upgraded to Win10, and are using a Chinese programming cable, your PC will automatically update your Prolific driver. You will need to reload Prolific driver back to your PC.
  • Driver for Vista & Win7
  • USB Driver for Win8
  • USB Driver for XP
  • FindComPort Program - A program to determine if a USB Cable is Working

By Bob
This is one of the best hand helds I have ever owned. You need to get the manual down and look it over. There is a lot you can do with it. Great walkie..
Wouxun KG-UV2D
By Dan
What a cool little HT. Had it for about a week fell in love with the little rig. Put my Kenwood and Icom up on the shelf. Get one you will love it. Be sure to buy the programming cable makes programming a breeze!
Brian WA3WOM
By Brian
Best Bang for your buck. Great little radio.
By John
A great dual band Ham portable :-) Also use it for my business band and fire department as well. Easy to program on the fly. Great receiver and transmitter range :-) Thanks
By Lennie
Picked up this little jewel and love it so far. I am using it both for Ham, Business and GMRS. Can't beat it for the price. Actually going to try and talk to my work to pick up a few to use.
Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood (and even Alinco) are in trouble!
By Daniel
For about 100 dollars, you can get a dual band radio that performs as well as any of the 'good old boy' radios that cost up to 3x more. My sister-in-law showed me her KG UV2 that someone loaned her, and I was immediately impressed with the design, weight, quality of construction and case, the excellent transmit audio and speaker audio, the fact that it puts out 5 watts on 2M and 4 watts on 440 AND it has a 1700 mA battery. It will kick out high power all day long. I tested mine on the Bird Wattmeter and it really does deliver 5 full on watts. The programming software (KG UV COMMANDER by Jim Mitchell) for programming the radio is terrific. Thanks Jim! First and foremost, this software will unlock the rado to transmit and receive on any frequency the radio is capable of. For you Hams that also want to operate on GMRS or maybe you work in search and rescue, imagine having a radio that will do all of that. To program it, you will need (and I highly recommend) the Wouxun Programming Cable ($18.95) that connects to the radio via the mic connectors. You never need open the owner's manual again. Just be sure to download the USB Driver also and install that BEFORE you connect the radio. The only trick is finding out which COM port your computer is using to communicate with the radio via the USB cable. On my computer, it was COM 12. You can determine this (in WIN XP) in Device Manager, then look for PORTS (com and lpt) and WITH THE RADIO CONNECTED via the usb cable, look for the one that says “Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port” and read the port number that it shows, i.e. “COM12” in my case. It makes programming all the channel memories a snap (frequency, offset for repeaters, subaudible tones for access). My version 136-174 and 420-520. Want more? It also receives the FM Broadcast band, and the sound quality is terrific listening to stations. If someone calls you, it immediately turns off the FM radio function and goes to the incoming channel. Finally, top it off with one of the best and longest warranties in the business. If more people knew about these radios, the establishment companies would be in trouble. 73s Dan -Dan
Great Service - Great Products
By Jeff
I love this radio. Works better than my HT from a major mfg. If I lost this radio I would purchase another tomorrow. Also, sells great products and provides great customer service. What more could you ask for? I'll be back again and again.
Not only good Merchandise but also..
By Annatoli
It's my opinion that Ed the owner of deserves some personal credit too. He ships his orders prompt and correct and answers his email also asap. A lot of dealers take a few seconds to try to give the same service and are only fixed on their revenue figures. I know all about it as an retired Marketing Managing Director and financial Director for several companies I know how difficult it is to satisfy all your customers. However Ed does seem to have no problems with his no frills policy on dealing with his customers. Way to go ED and in my opinion you should get a 10 star shield, for best sales and customer service for 2010 and 2011. Just as an example, I ordered something for my Wouxon on Monday evening and I found it in my mailbox on Thursday noon shipped by USPS First class mail and I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Texas..
2nd to NONE
By George
Great Product and even better customer service! Thanks Import Comm!
Best Customer Service
By Stephen
Must give Ed (the owner) credit where it is due. If you want the best dealer service you can get for radios, then get it here. I've never experienced more prompt, great service from any dealer, ever! You will like the radio and the fast response service from this dealer.
Best Service and Best Radios!!
By John
Ed runs a first class business!! He is responsive to questions, knows his stuff and has the most competitive prices. Thanks!!!
By Bill
I don't see a a program for my uv-899. Remark from So you give a rating of 3 to a web site that has never sold you anything and has never sold the model of radio you need software for. Seems a little unfair to me.
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