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Instruksi ( pedoman ) OTA :

Although the latest update marked v4.0.0.55 began rolling out to various regions last week, for whatever reason, it seemed to of have gotten held up somewhere along the line and as such we held off on posting it. Most folks who downloaded it, managed to grab it from the various OTA's posted in the forums but now it's directly available on the RIM servers. Integration with. Itulah garis besar dari BBM 7, sekarang kembali ke topik yang sudah tidak sabar ingin download file berupa OTA, khususnya untuk pengguna Blackberry OS 6. Hal demikian harus di perhatikan, ketika ingin install aplikasi ini, yakni jenis Blackberry anda OS berapa, kalau OS 5 ada paling bawah sendiri coba check ada artikelnya.

Sebelum Install BBM v, Back Up Contact BBM anda terlebih dahulu ke sdCard ( Back Up Files Locally ) Setelah itu uninstall BBM anda

– Install BBM6 OTA:

Hidden Content

– Install BBID OTA:

Hidden Content

Alternatif OTA BBid, if invalid COD ( Source : bbh-plus ) :

Hidden Content

Setelah anda meng’install BBM dan BBid.icon BBM tentunya belum muncul atau terlihat di HOMESCREEN anda.
Langkah Belum Selesai sampai sini.Install ( inject ) beberapa module dibawah ini dgn menggunakan BBSAK

Hidden Content

Isi file : 3 Module
net_rim_bbapi_sendmenu.cod (seems to help fix on older OSs)

– Setelah selesai inject, blackberry akan reboot otomatis, dan BBM v. akan hadir di Blackberry anda.
Selamat Menggunakan bbm v.6.keep enjoy.n havefun>> ( Keep share this clue with your friends )


Link Download BBM

Symantec endpoint protection full. Hidden Content

Loader Install:
– Masukan file ( module ) yg akan di install
– Hubungkan perangkat Anda dan menjalankan Loader.exe
– Menginstal BlackBerry Messenger seperti cara biasa
– Setelah reboot (icon) BBM akan terlihat di Homescreen anda

JavaLoader.exe Install:
– Hubungkan Perangkat anda dan jalankan loader.exe
– Launch Install.bat
– Setelah reboot (icon) BBM akan terlihat di Homescreen anda

Beberapa type dan Os bb yg telah teruji Berhasil :
9800 leak
9780 (With full .524 Java swap)
9700 (With full .524 Java swap)
9670 leak
9650 leak

Berikut ini beberapa hasil screenshot dr hh saya.yg berhasil sy install ( Base OS )

NB : BBM Versi ini menurut saya :
1.Respond Cepat.skg tergantung kecepatan tangan anda mengetik.hehehe
2.Recovering Grup Cepat ( USED u’r locally file back up )
3.Loading messege di grup jeda 0’persekian detik ( max 1 detik )
4.Welcome to the new looking for BBM !!

Thanks to :

2.Kang Dhei
3.Bro Willy D kidz
4.Kang abdi


Bbm 8 Otak

pastikan anda memiliki os minimal yg tlh ditentukan…

1.Backup contact bbm anda ke sdcard ( BACK UP FILE LOCALLY )
2.Unistall bbm versi sebelumnya
3.Reboot bb anda
4.Install Ota BBM
5.Install OTA BBid
6.Inject Module ( 3files )

8. Done!!! tinggal restore contact bbm dr micro sdcard anda.

BBM version 8 has been released. BBM Channels is making its way out of Blackberry beta zone as it’s now integrated into the blackberry Messenger, now making it available for everyone.

New in this release;

> ALL NEW DESIGN: An all new design makes it faster and easier to do the things you love in BBM.

> BBM Channels : This is a forum for active, real conversations happening right now between people, brands and communities. You can create channels and also subscribe to channels that share your interests

Bbm 8 Ota

> Enhanced BBM Updates: The BBM Updates feed is now richer and more graphical. It blends personal updates, as well as Channels updates, for a rich viewing experience.

Bbm 8 Otaku

Where To Download BBM 8

You can download the latest BBM from Blackberry AppWorld here.

From you Blackberry device, you can also launch the AppWorld app and upgrade your BBM from there. After installing the BBM upgrade, give it a little time to resyncronize all your contacts, etc. Also reboot the device by removing the battery.

Bbm 8 Ota

If you try upgrading from BB World and your Blackberry eg curve 9360 is showing update not available for your device, it simply means your BB cannot handle it. So, don’t force it on it. You can consider buying a new BB.

Bbm 8 Otani

If after upgrading your BBM, you realize you don’t like it, you can downgrade it back to your OLD BBM.

How To Downgrade BBM 8 to Old BBM 7

Bb 8 Talking Figure

> Delete the BBM 8 an d reboot your Blackberry phone
> Go to to download the jad file of the BBM that matches the OS of your Blackberry.

> Restart your BB and start pinging!

Bbm 8 Otay

Have fun!

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