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Best Belly Dancing in Istanbul

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Turkey beside being big and colorful in nature and views, it has a very rich culture. From Turkish music to the Whirling dance and even the belly dance which comes in tune with the great famous Turkish music. Istanbul so far because of being not only the biggest city of Turkey, but also one of the most diverse cities around the world gathered all kinds of fields and domains, from history to nature and food beside the great places. In today’s article I will escort you to the best belly dancing places in Istanbul to look around and having some fun and joy.

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Best Belly Dance Music

Download Belly Dance Music by StellarTracks. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Music downloads for a single monthly fee. Subscribe and Download now! Our site is great except that we don‘t support your browser. Try the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. Zumba Dance Workout free download - 3D Disco Baby, 3D Dancing Skeleton, Visual Discomix DJ Basic, and many more programs.

Sultana’s 1001 Nights Show

Download belly dance videos

It is a very famous dinner and belly dancing venue in Istanbul, it is located in Harbiye, Central Istanbul in Taksim. It is very authentic and friendly Ottoman venue experience. It has two halls with 230 and 120 seats capacity. Beside all of that they serve very excellent quality food with their amazing Turkish cuisine. They have customized menu as well. Beside all of that they have a private round-trip transportation and their reputation came from being expert for near 30 years in hosting international guests. The reservations mainly divided into two main categories, the first category is an advantage package with Alcohol which includes the show, food menu, unlimited local Alcohol and a return transportation home), on the other hand, they have another advantage package without Alcohol which serves the same but with unlimited no-alcohol drinks. They have special event like new year’s eves and private events. They can arrange summits, awards, ceremonies and corporate events as well. They declare to be one of the best places to offer excellent Turkish belly dancing courses in Istanbul. You can arrange and organize a private lesson for yourself or with a group to enjoy with your friends as well!

Hodjapasha Culture Center in Istanbul


Hodjapasha Culture Center is Traditional Turkish dance and Whirling dervishes in a cultural center in a 15th century bath. It is located down town in Sirkeci close by Hagia Sofia Basilica and the Blue Mosque around 10 minutes walking from Sultan Ahmet Square. The place already is very cozy and traditional, before it was a large double bath or hammam (Turkish bath), for men and women separately, but now the interior makes a great ritual which feels like walking through the history of Istanbul. The men part of the hammam now becomes a hall with a circular glass dance floor and a musician stage. The ceiling is high and has a big dome above. Rhythm of the Dance Show is one of the three shows that Hodjapasha presents, Whirling Darvishes, Rhythm of the Dance Show and White Rose. This entertaining cultural dance is combined between traditional Turkish Dance with Belly Dance and Ottoman Harem Dances under a 360-degree visual effects. They have been already done more than 1200 shows since 2010 which gives them a great reputation. The show is presented on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The duration of the show is approximately 65 minutes. The sensational dance is combined with exotic belly dances and shown in the program. They added the visual effects to expose the dances in a magical way that you will never forget. It is worth to mention that the free beverages are served before the show and the photography in not allowed with a flash light. The other show which is the White Rose Show also combines belly dancing with the modern 360-degrees visual effects, but it is a bit different and it got its name from the Dutch Consul during the Tulip period in the 18th century. Private shows can be arranged as well In Istanbul crazy fun nightlife.

Turkey and Istanbul in specific have a lot of well-known and famous belly dancers including TV shows and YouTube videos, for example Didem is one of the Istanbul’s most amazing activities. It is also called “Oryantal” or “Dansöz” in Turkey. Dancers come across different backgrounds and get intense training to get to the level of great reputation. Belly dancing is a growing hobby for women and interestingly for men too! This great trend makes us extremely enthusiastic and happy and we would love to get more every time Istanbul is all about the fun and everything at every time.

Do you like dancing? Do you not know how to dance or some dance moves? Are you searching for some dance steps and moves? In this article we are listing top popular 20 free dancing apps for android and iOS users. It can help you to know some dance moves and steps. You can easily know how to dance easily to impress your friends and others. Download firmware d link dsl 2640u. You can also challenge to your friends, family and others for dancing after learn dance steps and moves from these apps.

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Some people know basic and some advance steps and moves of dance but others aren’t so lucky. If you are also from them then you can easily learn dance from these dancing app for free. It has listed top popular dancing moves and steps on its cloud storage. Easily choose your favorite dance and get the steps to lean it for free from simple dance, hip hop to salsa. You don’t have to find and need any dance teacher or choreographer to learn dance steps while you have these amazing dancing and voice editing apps on your smartphone.

1 Top 20 Free Dancing Apps To Learn Dance On Android And iOS Device

Top 20 Free Dancing Apps To Learn Dance On Android And iOS Device

  1. Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance

    Crazy Flamenco is one of the best free dancing apps for android and iOS users. You can easily celebrate your weekends with your friends and family using this app. It helps you to easily learn different dance and dance steps to show your friends you dance skill. You can easily upload your photo with phone’s camera and easily make a dance video using this app to share with your friends.

  2. ElfYourself

    ElfYourself is another good app which let you to chance to become a great star. You can easily make a video in different festival costumes. It is easy to use and free app in which you have to simply upload your photos to make a videos. You photos will be automatically imposed on the faces of dancing elf in festival costumes. It is easy to use with some simple steps so that you can easily make a dancing video on your smartphone for free.

  3. Just Dance Now

    Just dance now is a easy to use and easiest way to learn dance online on your mobile device. You can easily dance anytime and anywhere with this amazing dancing apps on your android or iOS device. It has listed more than 200 songs you can easily choose any of them and easily learn the dance steps easily. It allows you to unlimited access to the entire catalog of songs and easily host unlimited number of dance sessions.

  4. Step Dance

    Step Dance is popular dancing apps for android users which let you to learn dance step by step. It has listed different types of dance so that you can easily search any dance and learn it easily. It is free and easy to use app which allows you to learn more about the legacy and culture of Step Dancing. All dance are listed in video format so that you can easily learn it by following the steps as in video.

  5. Hip Hop Dance

    Dance booth is a free and fun dancing app for all android and iOS users. You can easily learn hip hop dance using your android and iOS device. It let you get athletic, specifically for hip hop dancing. If you are athletic then you can have more spectacular and more explosive dance moves. One of the best feature of this app is to provide option to audio guidance from your personal digital trainer. You can also get customized workouts designed for you each week.

  6. Polearn

    Polearn is another amazing dancing app for android and iOS users which let you to easily learn pole dance on your mobile. You can easily download this app to plan and schedule your classes. It let you to view class schedule, ongoing promotions, studio location and contact information. It is free and easy to use dancing app to optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for classes from your device.

  7. Pocket Salsa

    Pocket salsa is a free highest rated dance app which let you to learn salsa on your android or iOS device. You can easily learn salsa dance in few minutes using this app. It has listed several easy to follow video dance lessons provided by the instructors of Addicted2Salsa. It has also a paid version you can use its paid option for more and advance feature of the app. Easily learn salsa dance anytime and anywhere without an internet connection.

  8. Dancing elf

    Dancing elf is one of the best free dancing app for those who think they can’t dance easily. You can easily click your photo from your phone and upload it on this app the app will generate a custom funny video. It is fully fun and easy to use dancing app for android and iOS users. Along with the video and photo you can also add some funny text for your video and share it online.

  9. Face Dance

    Face Dance is a popular app which has listed top and popular dance video you can easily make your dancing video using this app. You have to simply click your photo and upload it on this app and replace the default face from your to make a new video. It is easy to use and free dancing apps for android and iOS users. It also allows you to add accessorize with wigs, hats, sunglasses and other to make unique video on your android device. You can also share your video with your friends and family via social networks.

  10. Animate Yourself 3D

    Animate Yourself 3D is a unique dancing video maker app for iOS users which let you to be director for free. You can easily make a dancing video on your iOS device for free. It has its own specific feature which helps you to make a different dancing video from others. Easily choose characters, costumes, background, dance genres and other from its collection and make a video. You can also add some crazy words on your video for fun and save or share it with your friends.

  11. Belly Dance Fitness

    Belly dance fitness is sexy and exciting dance which is a beautiful form of expression of feminine natural charm. It is simple and easy to use with good UI tutorials with video instruction. You can easily learn free belly dance anytime anywhere. The performance of this belly dance is full of energy and strength, musicality, artistic emotion and passion. You can also use this app as stretching apps to stretch your body by belly dance and also add your favorite video in favorite list to watch and listen.

  12. Animate Me

    Animate Me is a popular app which let you to be a music and video director for free. It is a free dance video maker app for both android and iOS users. You can easily use and control everything to make a dance video on your phone. It has listed different body characters so that you can easily make a dance video. Easily record dance moves, edit skin color that matches the faces you use. It also allows you to share your dance video via social networks.

  13. NinjaMe

    NinjaMe is another popular dancing app for android and iOS users with amazing motion tracking technology. It has in built motion sensor which scores your dance moves so that you can easily learn correct dance steps. It provide option to upload your photo and make a dancing videos online or offline mode. You will be able to make a new video with your photo from decorating the birthday cake in another video. It also allows you challenge your friends and other for dance competition after learning dance from this app.

  14. Hip Hop Dance School

    Hip Hop dance school is a better app to learn and improve your moves make more fans and show that you are the hottest hip hop dancer. This dancing apps will give you the skill to choreograph your moves and stand out on stage. You can easily choose your outfit and crew members for perfect dancing performance using this app. Easily impress the judges and work your way up the competition level.

  15. STEEZY Studio

    STEEZY Studio is another popular and free dancing apps for android and iOS users which helps you to learn dance without joining any dance classes or institute. It has listed dance lessons and tutorials with HD video quality so that you can easily get them and lean dance at your home. It provides unlimited video tutorial so if you’ve ever felt lost or confused then get it from video tutorial. Dance lessons are listed in many levels and styles, you have to learn them step by step.

  16. DWM

    DWM is also known as Dance with Madhuri is a latest free dancing apps developed by RnM Moving Pictures for both android and iOS users. It has listed most popular moves of Madhuri dixit and other dancing celebrities. It is free and easy to use app which can be used by anyone, anywhere and anytime to learn dance for free. DWM provides option to learn various dance styles from the best teachers in best way. One of the best feature of this app is to allows to upload your dancing videos to exhibit your talents to other users.

  17. Learn Bhangra

    Learn Bhangra is a good dance instructor app which helps you to learn Punjabi bhangra dance for free. It has listed different bhangra moves and steps so that anyone can easily learn it without joining any bhangra classes. This app also provides 30 days fitness plan to all of its users. This plan names as The Bhangra Workout which has listed instructional videos with workout routines so that you can easily learn bhangra in 30 days. One of the best feature of this app is to provide option to track your progress report for your bhangra dance.

  18. Santa’s Christmas Dance

    Santa’s Christmas Dance is a fun and easy to use app for all android and iOS users which let you to learn dance easily. You can also easily make a video of dance with Santa you have to simply click a photo using 3D camera apps on your phone and upload it on this app. It will replace your face with default face. You can easily record, save and share the video with your friends and family using social networks for free. Easily use this app anytime and anywhere for free.

  19. Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

    Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance is a 3D baby dancing game app which helps kids to easily learn dance with fun moves. It is a fun and interesting no WiFi game apps for android and iOS users which helps to enjoy your kids. It has different dancing steps with easy to learn by playing it. Along with dancing it has also game playing option so that your kids can easily start a dance show on smartphone. It is a full entertainment and fun loving dancing game game app for kids.

  20. Dance School Stories

    Dance School Stories is another popular and amazing dancing apps developed by Crazy Labs for android and iOS users. It provide chance to perform a dance event on live stage with lots of crowd. Using this app you can easily learn different dance moves and impress your teacher and headmaster by your dancing talent. It has listed different dance styles, it is your choice to choose your favorite style and learn them in less time using this app. You will also be fit after learn dance from this app.


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