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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. The problem disappears until dota is restarted. Can the Dota 2 hotkey labels be hidden? As you can see you can manually select your favorite hotkey setting from the list in DotA 2 options: If you’re not a DotA veteran, I strongly suggest using the 1, 2 or 3 combination. Legacy hotkeys are for people that are so used to hotkeys from W3 DotA that it would be simply too hard for them to convert to any of above combinations. Many Dota 2 players prefer to play at 400 or 800 DPI, and these are the native settings on many gaming mice. The Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse was our favorite peripheral of 2016, and it’s perfect for Dota 2. Other trustworthy manufacturers of gaming mice include Zowie, Corsair, and Razer. Best Monitors for Dota 2. The Problem: Game performance is crucial; it is always important to be completely up to.

The hotkeys settings can be accessed by clicking on the little gear icon in the most top left corner in the main menu. Here, the player can customize many hotkeys, or select one of the many pre-set hotkey templates. Almost every key on the keyboard can be bound to something, with a very few exceptions. The exceptions usually have a set purpose in the game and thus are un-rebindable.


Unbindable keys [ edit ]

Best Dota Item Hotkeys

Several hotkeys have a set purpose, which cannot be changed. This results in them mostly being un-rebindable.

  • The following keys are completely unbindable: ESC, SHIFT (left and right), CTRL (left and right), MOUSE 1, MOUSE 2
  • The ALT key can only bound together with other keys, as a combo key. The ALTGR key is treated as the same key.
    • Although the ALT modifier can be bound to another key, ALT is still unbindable. When the modifier gets rebound, ALT has no use.
  • The WINDOWS KEY (left and right) (or COMMAND KEY on Apple keyboards) are unbindable, but they can be turned bindable in the advanced hotkey settings. These keys keep their default function, which is opening the start menu on the desktop. This is true even when the keys get bound ingame.
  • The PRINT KEY is fully bindable, but it also keeps its default function, which is to take screenshots.
  • The following keys are bindable on their own, but cannot be combined with ALT: PRINT KEY, TAB
  • All other standard keys are bindable.

Basic hotkeys [ edit ]

Basic hotkeys are active while playing a match. The player can change the hotkeys at any time, even during a match. There are hotkeys for abilities, items, unit actions, shop actions, chat, interface and control groups. In the advanced hotkeys, there are additional settings for unit actions, shop actions, interface and control groups, and the hotkeys for camera actions, saved camera positions and some hotkey setting options.

Hotkey templates [ edit ]

By default, the game uses the “Arrow (Default)” hotkey layout. The player can choose from a variety of pre-set hotkey templates, which can be found by clicking on “Reset hotkeys. ” at the bottom left of the settings menu. Available templates are:

Best Hotkeys Dota 2

Arrow (Default)Dota 2 default hotkeys.
WASDDota 2 default hotkeys, adapted for using W, A, S and D for camera movement.
Legacy KeysDota 1 style hotkeys; with different ability hotkeys for every hero and unit. 1
MMOKey bindings similar to various Massively Multiplayer Online games.
League of Legends Key bindings similar to League of Legends.
Heroes of Newerth Key bindings similar to Heroes of Newerth.
Smite Key bindings similar to Smite.

1 Legacy keys can also be enabled by ticking the corresponding option in the Advanced Hotkeys settings, rather than starting over with this template.

Activating a template unbinds all hotkeys used in it from their existing actions. Hotkeys can still be changed freely after selecting a template, except Legacy Keys’ item hotkeys.

Abilities [ edit ]

There are 6 ability slots which can be used. If one slot is empty and contains no ability, it is not visible in-game, and all abilities coming after it are moved together. For example, if a unit has an ability in slot 1 and 3, but no ability in slot 2, then the 2nd slot is not visible and the 3rd ability is moved next to the 1st ability, so that there is no gap. However, the slots are still bound according to the settings. Despite the 3rd slot being moved to remove the gap, its hotkey is still equal to whatever is set for the 3rd slot in the ability hotkey settings.

Heroes usually have 3 abilities in their first 3 slots, and their ultimate always in the 6 slot. This causes the ultimate spell to always use whatever hotkey is set for the 6th slot, despite the ultimate visually appearing in the 4th slot. This is why the hotkey of the 4th ability on non-hero units is not equal to the hotkey of ultimate abilities. The non-hero unit has 4 abilities in its 4 slots and has the 5th and 6th slot empty, so they are not displayed. If its 4th ability would be moved to the 6th slot, it would make visually no difference, but change its hotkey to what is set in the 6th slot.

Dota Hotkey Free Download

By default, the ability hotkeys apply to every unit the player controls. It is possible though, to bind different hotkeys to heroes, couriers and other units by turning “Unit Specific Hotkeys” on. It is also possible to bind unique hotkeys for each hero, however, this is not possible for other units. Clicking on “Clear” after having given non-hero units, couriers or an individual hero unique settings, sets the hotkeys back to what the player set as default.

The player can choose between regular cast (select spell and then select target) and quickcast (select spell and automatically cast it where the cursor is). Autocast is by default ALT+ability hotkey. It is possible to choose between regular and quickcast for couriers, non-heroes and for each hero, just like how unique bindings are possible. If the player wishes to use regular and quickcast, or wants to use different autocast hotkeys, the “Enable Advanced Quickcast/Autocast Hotkeys” setting can be turned on, which allows setting different hotkeys for regular, quick – and autocast for each slot. This also works together with unit specific hotkeys. However, advanced quickcast/autocast hotkeys is not compatible with legacy hotkeys. Here, the player can only decide between regular and quickcast, and autocast is always ALT+hotkey.

Download the best dota hotkeys for you. Used by more than 8000 dota players per day. Standard and the best dota hotkeys for you. With quick chat for dota commands and modes. With show ally HP / enemy HP and disable Windows key.

Hotkeys commands:Counterpath x lite download.

Alt + Q = numpad 7

Alt + W = numpad 8

Alt + A = numpad 4

Best dota 2 hotkeys

Alt + S = numpad 5

Best Dota Hotkeys

Alt + Z = numpad 1

Alt + X = numpad 2

Quick chat commands:

F5 = -so

F6 = -clear

Best Dota Hotkeys

F7 = -ma

F8 = -afk

Notes (Since a lot of people are asking already):

1. Extract the ZIP file properly. You can use my favorite decompressor or the famous winrar.

2. If your OS (Operating System) is Windows 7 and the hotkeys doesn’t run properly, try to run as administrator. Right Click the dotahotkeys.exe and click Run as administrator.

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Best Dota 2 Hotkeys

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