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24 hours ago sflesch:
Can't seem to get into the forums and can't get my password reset..
26 hours ago BeachBum99:
How do I get a reshare on Cuban Chrome? Thanks.
30 hours ago raesha:
today starts 'Godmothere- d', could someone please reshare the German 'die gute Fee' version as a Torrent? xxx
3 days ago raesha:
has someone 'Noelle' in German (for my husband) as a Torrent File? would be grateful xxx
3 days ago raesha:
sent you again 50$ via PayPal for December to my 75$ from yesterday, you earn it!
4 days ago sflesch:
@CrazyPat, those are tagged HDLight on the outer page. I tried to see what that meant, but couldn't find a term. I assume they are somehow smaller files.
4 days ago pinavanti:
Sent my little bit. via PP. Thanks to you all.
5 days ago mickrobe:
Sent 50$US evil way
5 days ago Kronik:
Hi, Juste send 10 euros. Thanks TVU !
5 days ago thegolem:
I send 10 euro by paypal of a friend
5 days ago Optimal:
sent USD 30 via PP
5 days ago fruchtigerViZe:
24AUD going your way
5 days ago samsara:
send 15 euros
5 days ago dollygu:
Sent USD 20 via PP
5 days ago zerix67:
20$ sent
7 days ago v8commodore:
verukins https://tvunderg-
7 days ago crazypat:
hello. i'm very surprising by the small size of mandalorian s2 2160p dub eng/fr. is it possible there is a mistake ? sorry for bad english
7 days ago verukins:
so.. where is mwalking dead world beyond? its not under 'W' or 'T'.. ?
8 days ago Memor:
yes but no repack of BAE, i will try other link thx
8 days ago NCIS5150:
Memor - Just look at the size of the file.
9 days ago Memor:
hello oh ok weird.. thx
9 days ago NCIS5150:
The Voice 19x10 is corrupt, only last 20 minutes.
9 days ago v8commodore:
It's the only one Icannot find anywhere, hoping someone might share it thru eMule
10 days ago sflesch:
v8 is 2x08-09 in there? I've got everything else, but that one isn't going anywhere.
10 days ago tavsan:
Thanks all for Black Lightning re-share
10 days ago bamealor1976:
anybody seen them street outlaws around anywhere
12 days ago sflesch:
Thanks V8
13 days ago marcus33:
Has the 2020 Parks & Recreation Special aired yet?
13 days ago raesha:
has someone perhaps 'The Iron Mask' as torrent file? xxx
13 days ago v8commodore:
Hotel Transylvania Season 2 added to my shared folder 720p
13 days ago sflesch:
I can't get into Forums currently. Does anyone have Hotel Transylvania Season 2 720p to reshare?
13 days ago sflesch:
Thanks Memor. Drilling Down is one of those sort of behind the scenes TV shows. Digging Deeper is also a companion show for that.
14 days ago sflesch:
@marcus33 Did you ever get into the forums? I know it's different credentials, but I can't seem to get into mine either now.
15 days ago McVeyClan:
Thanks Memor my old laptop buffers bad on anything 720 or higher
15 days ago RolandGB:
Thanks Memor
15 days ago Memor:
good for Real Time With Bill Maher and Hell's Kitchen (Us), i seed with my server, the server of TVU is broken i hope is back soon thx
15 days ago Memor:
hello sflesch, ah ok so yes i move this link, i hope now this links 8x01 is good show, you can check? i don't understand The Curse Of Oak Island and The Curse Of Oak Island Drilling Down. i don't see this show thx
15 days ago Memor:
hello McVeyClan, yes i have other links for 19x05 i post soon thx
15 days ago Memor:
hello rolandGB i yes i post soon thx
15 days ago RolandGB:
Will «Real Time With Bill Maher» for November 13th be posted?
15 days ago McVeyClan:
Did they ever post a Hell's Kitchen (Us) 19x05 Web? 720P just doesn't cut it
15 days ago sflesch:
I did get the first episode of Curse from here. I think the 720p one might be mislabeled as the torrent is there. I have the regular and drilling down, both labeled as from Bae, but both are different.
16 days ago raesha:
@memor xxx thank you so much for 'a timeless Christmas', you're an ANGEL
17 days ago stargard:
@tavsan, first 10 are up, plz let me know when you have them
17 days ago raesha:
has probably someone 'A Timeless Christmas' to share as a Torrent file?
17 days ago shorty:
Chronic420: Curse of Oak Island Drilling Down 8x01 is just a rerun of Curse of Oak Island episodes, nothing new in there, don't waste your bandwidth! Not a spin off.
18 days ago McVeyClan:
tavsan:I have the last 6 on share but the first 10 have been stalled for a while
18 days ago SirDarcy:
Does anyone have 'Der Bestatter' season 5 - 7 in the original languagae (Swiss German)?

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