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  1. Dean Korean Guitar Serial Number; Number of employees. Website, Dean Guitars, commonly referred to simply as Dean, is an American manufacturer of stringed. The Dean family today consists of over 100 people: guitar luthiers and techs, distribution. Based on the serial number, your Dean was built in 2000 (the first two numbers.
  2. These can be determined by examining the series of letters and numbers called the Tire Identification Number (TIN) which follow the letters 'DOT' on the tire sidewall. In order to find the week and year of production for tires manufactured after the year 1999, look at the last four numbers of the TIN.

BMW Motorcycle Serial Numbers 1923 to 1969. Number groups of the BMW flat-twin models 1923-1969. Model Engine Numbers Vehicle ID numbers; R 32 (1923-1926) 0: 1001-4100: R 37 (1925-1926) 5. 100-275: R 42 (1926-1928) 9. 9: R 47.

VIN Numbers

First of all, as the term “VIN Number” is redundant, here on out I’ll just refer to it as the “VIN”.

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the 17-digit number stamped on the nameplate.

On North American models the nameplate is a decal on the bike’s frame, on the left side of the steering head. On European models it is an aluminum plate affixed to the right side of the steering head. On some models there is no VIN plate. The VIN is however stamped into the steering head on all models and is visible from the right side.

The number looks something like: 1HFSC 3404VA000123

The first 11 digits represent vehicle identification information and the last 6 numbers make up the

production or serial number.

The vehicle identification information is broken down on the pages that follow.

The national release date for the first

Valkyries was May 25, 1996 – all

were 1997 models.







VIN Decoding

Revit architecture tutorials for beginners





Production Origin

1HF = motorcycle manufactured by Honda of America Mfg. in Ohio (Had the Valkyrie been manufactured in Japan, the production origin code would have been 'JH2'. All Valkyries however, were manufactured at the Honda plant in Marysville Ohio, USA.)


Vehicle Description (variant)

See discussion on Variants


Check Digit

Can be the numbers 0-9 or the letter 'X'. This represents the result of an

algorithm run against the other digits in the VIN. It is used to ensure that

the VIN wasn’t mis-keyed or fabricated


Model Year

V = 1997

W = 1998

X = 1999

Y = 2000

1 = 2001

2 = 2002

3 4

= =




Plant where the product was made




Marysville Motorcycle Plant in Ohio USA Hamamatsu Plant in Japan (not applicable in the case of Valkyries, (see 1 above.)


Production Year



The initial model year for each variant (Standard, Tourer or Interstate)

will be a '0'. On Standards and Tourers for example, 1997 models will be a '0', 1998 models, a '1' and 1999 models, a '2'.

For Interstates, the 1999 models will be a '0', for Runes, the 2004

models will be a '0', etc.


Serial Number

Sequential numbers -'zeroed out' with each model year and with each variant. For example, there will be a 1997 Standard 49-state model with a serial number 00001, a 1997 Standard California model with a serial number 00001, a 1998 Tourer 49-state model with a serial number 00001, etc. Just because one’s bike may have serial number 00001, it doesn’t mean you have the first Valkyrie built, it means you have the first of that particular variant built that year. The VIN taken in whole is unique, but serial numbers are not.

It should be noted that in some variants (most notably Australian), a '5' in the first digit of the serial number is used to designate that it is a Tourer.

Just like most products in the world, guitars are usually marked with a serial number of sorts.

They have been used for decades to diagnose when and where the guitar was manufactured.

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This allows you to properly determine the value of a guitar and its real age. It is a similar case with Dean guitars.

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Now, like most other guitar manufacturers, Dean has two categories of guitars that they offer. You have the more affordable models which are made somewhere in Asia, and then you have guitars which are made in United States. Naturally, the latter offer a higher level of quality, and hence come with a more expensive price tag.

Today we are going to take a look at Dean guitar serial number, and what you can find out using this information.

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Guitar Overview

Determining the origin and value of American made Dean guitars is actually quite easy. Every Dean guitar made in United States comes with a seven digit serial number that is printed on the back of the headstock.

First two numbers in the sequence will tell you when your guitar was produced, while the following numbers represent the serial number of the instrument itself. The origin of these guitars is not marked anywhere on the instrument, but it’s pretty easy to determine which factory it came from. If you see a seven digit serial number on the back of a Dean guitar, you can be sure that it was produced in United States.

Now lets talk about Dean’s more affordable line of models that is manufactured abroad. These guitars also come with a serial number of sorts, however these serial numbers are completely different and they follow a different nomenclature. One of the main differences is the fact that these serial numbers don’t indicate the year of production.

Instead, they just tell you which batch that guitar is from while the country of origin is usually written underneath. In order to figure out the production year of an import Dean guitar, you will need to look at all of its features and elements. This requires a more extensive knowledge of their hardware, and is the only way you can figure out when it was made.
Unfortunately, this is a gray area of sorts for many models. Dean used a variety of hardware, including pickups, on numerous guitars.

Sometimes the a same model would feature one set of hardware, while other times it would sport a completely different setup. This is why you need to know exactly what kind of configuration they used for a certain year in order to properly determine the year when these guitars were made.

To summarize

Bicycle Serial Number Decoder

If you were wondering about Dean guitar serial number, and how to use that information to your advantage, hopefully this short article gave you some useful insight.

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Knowing how to read the serial number on these guitars can make a big difference if you’re shopping for a used one. It will allow you to fact check the sellers claims with more certainty.