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HOW TO GET HIGH RESOLUTION HD DESMUME! HD DESMUME SETTINGS - Leave a Comment and Subscribe for More! Unfortunately the link below.

Desmume best settings 2019
  1. HIE GUISE, today I have speciul tutorial not really special. on how to get the fastest settings/best settings for DeSmuME Emulator. If you don't have eno.
  2. 10 points 6 years. What settings are you using on DeSmuME? Also I believe it was a conscious decision on the Desmume guys part to avoid.

The Drastic emulator on my Galaxy S6 Edge+ can run Pokemon Black 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Coded at over 1000% speed.
But using the same game files on DeSmuMe on my computer with default settings and sound off plays them at ~50% and 90% respectively.
Of course using the speed toggle speeds them up but it looks insanely choppy.

I read somewhere that a specific version worked better for Pokemon Black 2 but I don't remember which, and since it's apparently not supported if you don't feel like answering or helping with that one I'd appreciate still getting Kingdom Hearts to work better.

Also some input on the best settings for my computer would also be appreciated, since I can't figure out what half the settings mean and changing stuff messes it up for me half the time..

Desmume Best Settings For Pokemon

Motorola moto g usb tethering. My laptop is Windows 10 x64, quad-core AMD @ 2.0GHz, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD Graphics 8400. I dunno what other information is relevant.
I know it's not the best computer, but I'd hope something that can play Skyrim on max graphic settings can at least manage to emulate a low-resolution 2D game..

Desmume Best Settings For Pokemon 2020

And on a side note, my old computer was a 2.1GHz dual-core laptop with the Intel equivalents of the same other specs but could play both those games at normal speed with sound, so is there no decent multi-core support for this?