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Foreign Settlement In Astrology: Foreign settlement can be a dream come true, especially if you have been working hard to workout outside your country. In the present age, young people wish to travel out of their home town and settle in with a steady job and family life.

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Of course, a foreign settlement also depends upon your luck and prediction. At times, taking a rash professional decision to move out can cost financially and pause your journey drastically.

Foreign Settlement In Astrology:

Direction Of Foreign Travel Vedic Astrology Sign

Foreign travel in Vedic Astrology. The subject of foreign travel is the most sought after astrological advice these days. Since the issues of foreign travel and stay abroad are linked to big money earnings, everyone wants to know if he/she can go abroad and earn. According to Astrology, planetary combinations for foreign education are studied from 2nd, 4rth, 4rth, 5th, 8th, 12th houses and travel or settlement studies from 3rd, 4rth,7th, 9th, or 12th houses of the horoscope.

Foreign settlements depend on your current financial status, career opportunities, and of course, your yoga. Hence, Vedic astrology can help predict the chances of your foreign settlement.

Let’s learn a few interesting astrological combinations that affect foreign settlement chances in your Kundali.

Foreign Settlement In Astrology – According to Houses:

When it comes to settlement and overall foreign travels, the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th houses fare over the decisions.

From here, the 12th and the 9th House & Ascendants or Lagna are the most influential. While the 12th House represents property and housing in the foreign settlement, the 9th House denotes long traveling.

The 4th House, of course, shows your homeland. However, if the 4th House has its position in the 12th House, there are higher chances of foreign travel and settlement.

Similarly, the other houses represent the following:

3rd House: If the 3rd House is in the 4th and 12th House, a short foreign journey is possible.

7th House: The Lord of the 7th House represents both foreign journey and settlement abroad.

Direction Of Foreign Travel Vedic Astrology

8th House: With the 8th House in position, you shall have changes in the current profession.

Direction Of Foreign Travel Vedic Astrology

10th House: Your professions and career are in the 10th House.

According to Star Sign:

There are 3 types of signs, the movable, the common, and the fixed.

Movable: Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn.

Common: Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo.

Fixed: Scorpio. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus.

All movable signs have the highest chances of foreign settlement, while common signs have short-term abroad travels.

However, the fixed signs have rare chances of permanently or even temporarily settling outside.

Moreover, movable signs with 12th and 9th Houses have more support in abroad settlement.

Moreover, all water signs (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) have the best chances of starting their work outside if their signs are in the 9th and 12th Houses.

Vedic Astrology Chart

Meaning, Scorpio even as a fixed sign, can have the opportunity of traveling abroad, thanks to the 9th and 12th House in their sign.

Hence star signs also affect foreign traveling and professional opportunities outside.

According to Planetary Positions:

Other than your Houses, as well as zodiac signs, the planetary shifts also affect such decisions.

The placement of Moon, Ketu, and Rahu in the 12th House and 9th House show the following:

For the 9th House

Foreign Travel due to Moon: Short term, vacation-related foreign travels.

Foreign Travels due to Ketu: Foreign travels relating to gaining knowledge, wisdom, and cultural understanding.

Foreign Travels due to Rahu: You might travel to change how the world sees and perceives religion.

For the 12th House


Foreign Travel due to Moon: You might travel to gain new knowledge about life. Travel will be frequent.

Foreign Travels due to Ketu: If Ketu’s position is in the 12th House, you might have problems in settling abroad and coping with your emotions. There are chances of feeling lonely and isolated abroad.

Foreign Travels due to Rahu: You shall travel to gain money, improvement in living, and a better lifestyle.

Therefore, astrology can help you make better decisions when it comes to foreign settlement. You can always check out your prediction, and finalize your decision by consulting Mera Astro’s astrologers.

Vedic Astrology has defined good and bad days for travel, based on transit of Moon in various signs and nakshatras.
So, if you are planning for a holiday or travelling for work, make sure you pick the right combination of weekday and nakshatra for a pleasurable trip.

In general, Moon in Aswini, Rohini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Magha, Hasta, Anuradha, Moola, Sravana, Dhanishta, Uttarabhadra, Revathi are considered as best nakshatra days for travel.
And, during waxing period of moon (between newmoon and fullmoon days) : 2,3,5,7,10,11,13 lunar days are considered auspicious.
Other days are discarded for long distance and business travel.
Also, suitable Ascendants (rising signs) and lunar days (tithis) have been prescribed for travel in certain directions.
These combination days can be picked for successful journey and expected results.
In case of emergencies and short distance travel (within a distance from where you can return and reach back home on same day), these rules and below table need not be considered.

Weekdays, Nakshatras, Ascendants and Lunar days (tithis) NOT suitable for Travel in particular directions

  • Towards East : Lunar days 1 and 9, Monday, Saturday in weekdays, Moon in Jyeshta and Dhanishta nakshatras, Ascendants of Libra and Aquarius are not suitable.
  • Towards North-East : 8th Lunar day (Ashtami) and Newmoon day, Wednesday, Gemini Ascendant are not suitable.
  • Towards North : Lunar days 2 and 10, Tuesday and Wednesday in weekdays, Moon in Poorvaphalguni and Hasta nakshatras, Ascendants of Taurus and Virgo are not suitable.
  • Towards North-West : 7th Lunar day (Saptami) and Fullmoon day, Sunday and Tuesday in weekdays, Aries Ascendant are not suitable.
  • Towards West : Lunar days 6 and 14, Sunday and Friday in weekdays, Moon in Rohini and Pushyami nakshatras, Ascendants of Leo and Sagittarius are not suitable.
  • Towards South-West : Lunar days 4 and 12, Monday and Friday in weekdays, Cancer Ascendant are not suitable.
  • Towards South : Lunar days 5 and 13, Thursday in weekdays, Moon in Aswini and Sravana nakshatras, Ascendants of Scorpio and Pisces are not suitable.
  • Towards South-East : Lunar days 3 and 11, Thursday and Saturday in weekdays, Capricorn Ascendant are not suitable.

Above conditions need to checked only if planning a pleasure trip liesurely.
If travel is urgent and cannot be avoided, then starting at home between 4 AM and Sunrise is best possible time to travel in any direction on anyday.


However, travelling in these combinations of weekdays and transit nakshatras of moon have been found to give accurate results and they can be experienced within the number of days (given in last colum) from the commencement of journey.

Travel check table with combination of Weekdays and Nakshatras

SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayResultsIn Days
AswiniMrigasiraAsleshaHasthaAnuradhaU.ShadaSatabhishaHappy, Victory15
BharaniArudraMaghaChitraJyeshtaAbhijitP.BhadraFear of Death, Accidents27
KrittikaPunarvasuP.PhalguniSwatiMoolaSravanaU.BhadraFailure, Disappointment8
ArudraMaghaChitraJyeshtaAbhijitP.BhadraBharaniMoney Loss5
PushyamiU.PhalguniVisakhaP.ShadaDhanishtaRevathiRohiniFinancial Gain3
AsleshaHasthaAnuradhaU.ShadaSatabhishaAswiniMrigasiraSatisfying Results2
P.PhalguniSwatiMoolaSravanaU.BhadraKrittikaPunarvasuWinning heart of opposite sex3
U.PhalguniVisakhaP.ShadaDhanishtaRevathiRohiniPushyamiGaining new friends5
HasthaAnuradhaU.ShadaSatabhishaAswiniMrigasiraAsleshaSuccess in work2
ChitraJyeshtaAbhijitP.BhadraBharaniArudraMaghaWealth Gain1
SwatiMoolaSravanaU.BhadraKrittikaPunarvasuP.PhalguniUneasy, Disturbances3
AnuradhaU.ShadaSatabhishaAswiniMrigasiraAsleshaHasthaFear of Death, Accidents10
JyeshtaAbhijitP.BhadraBharaniArudraMaghaChitraInsults, Humiliation5
MoolaSravanaU.BhadraKrittikaPunarvasuP.PhalguniSwatiFinancial Gain7
DhanishtaRevathiRohiniPushyamiU.PhalguniVisakhaP.ShadaComfortable Journey2
SatabhishaAswiniMrigasiraAsleshaHasthaAnuradhaU.ShadaDisputes with Friends9
P.BhadraBharaniArudraMaghaChitraJyeshtaAbhijitBad News8
U.BhadraKrittikaPunarvasuP.PhalguniSwatiMoolaSravanaMixed Results3
RevathiRohiniPushyamiU.PhalguniVisakhaP.ShadaDhanishtaSpiritual Progress10

Abhijit (Meaning : Victorious, One who cannot be defeated) is the Sanskrit name for Vega, starts from 06° 40′ to 10° 53′ 20 in sidereal Capricorn i.e. from the last quarter of nakshatra Uttara Ashādhā to first 1/15 th part of Shravana.
It is not a regular nakshatra with four padas or quarters, it serves as an intercalary asterism most of the times. It is not mentioned as frequently as other asterisms in mythology.
Moon or Chandra is said to have 27 (not 28) wives with whom he stays for one day in a sidereal lunar month. Each of the 27 asterisms is feminine, only Abhijit is masculine.
Moon transiting in Abhijit Nakshatra is an auspicious time according to the Hindu Calendar.
Abhijit Star fell from pole position in about 16000 BC. That was the period of rains when the Sun was in Dhanishthaa. Thus, the year started with Varshaa (rains), so year was called Varsh.

Legend : P.Phalguni : Poorvaphalguni, U.Phalguni : Uttaraphalguni, P.Shada : Poorvashada, U.Shada : Uttarashada, P.Bhadra : Poorvabhadra, U.Bhadra : Uttarabhadra.

NOTE : Vedic weekday starts from sunrise and one needs to look at moon’s nakshatra at exact time of start of travel.
For example : If you are travelling at 6:05 AM on wednesday, moon was in Hastha nakshatra till 6:25 AM and local sunrise time was 6:20 AM, then you need to consider that Your travel started on tuesday under Hastha nakshatra and result would be Comforts.
But if you started at 6:21 AM, then it would be combination of wednesday and Hastha nakshatra and your result will be Happy, Victory.
And if your journey starts at 6:26 AM on same day, then it would be combination of wednesday and Chitra nakshatra and result will be Fear of Death, Accidents. The tie rod ab exerts the 250.

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