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How can I get access to the computer program 'Dissomaster' that calculates child support? The public can access the dissomaster programs at the Self-Help Computer in the Clerk's Office at the Family Justice Center Courthouse. Staff assistance is available during working hours at the Self-Help Center to answer questions. An online calculator is also available on the Dept. Of Child Support. CFLR DissoMaster Suite. Get fast, reliable family law calculations for California courts. Three easy-to-use calculation programs, CFLR DissoMaster Suite is an invaluable tool for family law practitioners. Sort by: CFLR DissoMaster Suite™ This product provides a quick, easy way to compute accurate support calculations under the California.

Borderlands 2 xbox one save files. Put an end to argument! Calculate correct guideline support for your case.Download Trial Version (For California divorces only)


With powerful worksheets and reports, CalSupport helps you stop arguing about “How much support?” and move to a much easier discussion, “Are the income and expense figures correct?” You can demonstrate the accuracy of the figures with documents. Once you agree on the data, the program tells you how much support is indicated by CA guidelines. This is a very powerful, sophisticated program. Lawyers pay up to $500 for theirs and charge a lot for running it. For only $34.95, CalSupport gives you the same results, yet is easier to understand and use. Another Nolo breakthrough!

Try before you buy. If you like it, register for only $49.95$34.95

Download Trial Version (For California divorces only)

Certified by the California Judicial Council

  • Certified by the CA Judicial Council since 1995
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Self-guided with tips for each entry
  • Timeshare Worksheet more info
  • KidCare parenting scheduler more info
  • Extensive help screens and online glossary
  • Reports to help you negotiate and settle
  • Superior to programs costing over $500 !
  • Requires minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768

It’s Easy!

  1. Just enter the data requested. CalSupport is a checklist of everything you need to think about. Browse through the screens and get familiar with the program. There is a TIP with help for every item and sometimes there’s more information in popups or in the Glossary.
  2. Print the Case Info Worksheet and the Timeshare Worksheet. Use these as your guide to the information you need to gather.
  3. Try variations to see how the results are affected.
  4. Print the Support Summary. Give a copy to the other parent and ask him/her to check the data and discuss the results. Send a copy of CalSupport—the same code will unlock it for both of you.

Download Trial Version (For California divorces only)

Bonus Feature

Timeshare Worksheet and KidCare Parenting Scheduler

CalSupport includes the Timeshare Worksheet and the KidCare Scheduler to help you define your parenting arrangement and the related timeshare.

The Timeshare Worksheet

Entering information here will personalize your reports and help CalSupport refine results for your case. You can accept the “standard” 20% timeshare, or click [Timeshare Chart] to see a table used by the courts in a leading county, or click [KidCare] to do a detailed care schedule and get a more precise timeshare for each child.

Dissomaster 2019

The KidCare Scheduler

Dissomaster 2019 Download

KidCare helps you define a detailed care schedule for each child. Just select appropriate entries on the right, click dates to refine, and print results to discuss with the other parent.