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Grammarly is a spell & grammar checking and plagiarism detection platform. It is regarded as one of the best softwares of such kind. In addition to basic correction tasks, Grammarly is also used for other things such as increasing the quality of the prepared text.

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Grammar is an AI-based grammar checker that can assist in the process of editing and writing. It has an increasing list of features, completely optimized applications, and over time, it's gotten better. Grammar is not an infallible instrument, however. It is software that shows you how to do a human editor's job. When you enable Grammarly, a side panel will open on the right side of your Word document. Grammarly will warn you that some features (like auto-save and undo) will not work while you have the app activated. Click “dismiss” on these popups and, if you like, check the “Don’t display this notification in the future” box. Grammarly is an American-based technology company that offers a digital writing assistance tool based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The software was first released in July 2009 in Kyiv, Ukraine.Grammarly.

It is free of cost for personal uses. The free version provides the users with the basic features for critical grammar and spelling checks. However, for advance features such as Advances checks, Plagiarism detection, Vocabulary enhancement suggestions etc., premium plans are also available. As of now, there are three premium plans i.e. Monthly, Quarterly and Annual.

Grammarly can also be embedded easily in web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox to correct and enhance the quality of text prepared by the user over other websites.

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Although it is one of the best proofreading software at the moment, it is still being developed constantly on a daily basis in order to further improve the quality and increase user satisfaction. This is why Grammarly should always be a user’s first choice while getting their written materials checked.

The uses of Grammarly are uncountable. A user can use it for small tasks, such as mails, writing short reviews etc. as well as professional uses such as writing blogs, copywriting etc.

As we discussed above that Grammarly is one of the best and will likely remain one for years to come, it is better to know about a few alternatives as well. So, here are top 10 alternatives for Grammarly which can give the “Best” Proofreading platform some serious competition in 2020.

1. ProWritingAid:

One of the most popular and best substitutes for Grammarly currently in the market is ProWritingAid. Like Grammarly, it offer features such as syntax, grammar checking etc. It also has free and premium versions (for advanced features). However, the rates are relatively lower as compared to Grammarly. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word. The best thing about ProWritingAid is that it can be used to check multiple types of documents (7 as of now) such as creative, web, business etc. and this helps writers with different writing styles. It also generates a complete report of a user’s document including commonly used words, number of mistakes, readability, along with other errors.

Although it checks over 20 types of syntax and grammar errors and also considering its pros discussed above, there are a few drawbacks as well e.g. its extension only available for Google Chrome browser. Moreover, its spelling check is not too efficient. Last but not the least, it is not available as a mobile app. So unlike Grammarly, it doesn’t support Android and IOS.
However, the positives of ProWritingAid overshadow the negatives and with time, it’s possible that ProWritingAid surpasses Grammarly.

2. Ginger:

When it comes to preparing perfect and sound content, Ginger is absolutely second to none. It is also available in free and premium versions (Monthly, Quarterly and Annual). It can be installed in web browsers as well as Windows, Mac OS, and Android devices. Amazing thing about it is that users can check their mistakes while writing as Ginger actively highlights the mistakes as soon as they are detected. In addition to that, solutions for the mistakes are also suggested. It also has a modern language translator that can convert to and from over 40 languages.
It also includes sentence rephraser. In addition to that, it has another amazing feature, “Text to Speech”. This feature enables the user to listen to the text and this enhances a user’s spoken English skills as they may learn to pronounce the words correctly.
Although Ginger is one of the best proofreading tools, it has a major drawback which prevents it from becoming “THE” best and that is the lack of availability of a Plagiarism checker. The absence of a Plagiarism Checker renders the tool useless for bloggers and others who would like to analyze their content. Other than that, Ginger offers almost everything required to make a text readable and error-free.

3. WhiteSmoke:

Does grammarly autosave vs

WhiteSmoke is also an amazing alternative to Grammarly. It is quite flexible. You need to incorporate it with a web browser? No problem!You want it in your iOS and Android smartphones? Be their guest! Another impressive thing about it is that its extension is available of almost all the browsers. Like Ginger, it will highlight the errors found in the text and also suggest corrections. The grammar and sentences are checked based on 17 different rules such as Punctuation, Misspell, and Tense etc.

It upstages Ginger in terms of language translation as it can translate to and from nearly 55 languages. Unlike Ginger, it also has a plagiarism checker. In addition to that, it can also help the user in preparing business letters and C.Vs as it contains over 100 writing templates related to Cover letters, Resumes etc.
However, nothing is perfect. Although, WhiteSmoke is an amazing software, it has a minor drawback. It doesn’t have an online editor for a quick check and also, there is no free version of WhiteSmoke. If you need to use it, you have to purchase either the “Premium” Package or “Essential” Package. Essential Package costs less than Premium package but as the name suggests, the latter has a number of advanced features not available in the former.

Does Grammarly Autosave Vs


4. PaperRater:

One can’t simply list down the Grammarly alternatives without mentioning PaperRater. It is available in both free and premium versions. The free version helps the user in detecting spelling and grammar mistakes and overused words. In addition to that, a plagiarism checker is also available but it should be noted that the free version only provides the plagiarism score and not the parts or lines which are plagiarized. In order to access those features and make full use of the plagiarism checker, the user will have to purchase the premium package and the impressive thing is that PaperRater’s plagiarism checker is ahead of Grammarly’s.

The premium tool will also provide additional features such as fast processing, improved proofreading etc. Moreover, when using the free version, user can’t upload a file and has to manually paste the text in the editor. It also helps in making the content more readable by listing out transitional words from the content and providing a list of additional ones.
PaperRater has drawbacks as well. In a single scan, there is a limitation on the number of pages or words that can be scanned. You are allowed to scan up to 6 pages containing about 300 words/page in the free version. In the premium plan, you can perform up to 25 checks per month. So, this drawback can prevent a user from purchasing a premium plan.

5. 1Checker:

Looking for a Grammarly alternative that is totally free of cost? Well, look no further as 1Checker is what you need. For a proofread scan, user can make use of their online, Windows, Mac version. However, there is also an add-on for Word and Outlook. Basic features offered are spelling check, vocabulary and style checking etc. In addition to that, there is also a translator that translates to and from six languages.

Many Grammarly users have complained that the auto-save function doesn’t work well and it has resulted in the change and loss of content. 1Checker, on the other hand, has the auto-save functionality but just to be on the safe side, it also offers the user an option to manually save the content.
However, one thing should be kept in mind. While Grammarly is a continuously developing software and scans the text against hundreds of rules, 1Checker only scans against a few rules and thus it can be considered as a Grammarly alternative to some extent only if you are comparing the free versions of Grammarly with it. It can be used for basic and simple proofreading tasks. Also, it doesn’t have a plagiarism checker.

6. Jetpack:

Does Grammarly Autosave For Microsoft

Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin. It is primarily used for site traffic stats, monitoring and auto social media posting. However, it also includes proofreading capabilities like grammar and spell checking.It should also be noted that it is entirely free. In order for it to work, user needs to paste the content or write it down in the WordPress editor and click the “Proofreading” icon. Once they do it, all the detected elements will be displayed. One amazing thing about Jetpack is that its settings can be changed to match with the type of issues the user want it to detect such as redundant verbs, overused words etc. In addition to that, it scans the written content in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Even Grammarly doesn’t have this feature yet.
However, as it is a free tool, it has a few drawbacks of its own for example, it can’t discriminate between American and British English. So, like 1Checker, Jetpack is not as advanced as Grammarly and ProWritingAid but it’s a great tool for simple proofreading, especially considering the fact that it costs absolutely nothing.

7. Slick Write:

Another free grammar checker in this list is SlickWrite. A user doesn’t need to download or install it in order to use it. They simply have to visit their website and paste or write down the text in the editor. After that, “Proofread” button should be pressed. Then, all the parts of the text that need correction or improvement will be highlighted e.g. Abstract words, repeated words etc. In addition to proofreading, there are other features too such as “Structure” which will highlight the sentences and help the user in finding out which sentences are too long and “Stats” which will display a list of useful statistics relevant to the user’s content.
Although Slick Write does an exceptional job in making the content readable, it’s very basic and one thing that really caused people to stay away from it is that text can only be written down or pasted in the editor. Any sort of file such as text, word, PDF etc. can’t be imported.

Does Grammarly Autosave Free

8. Typely:

Typely is yet another free and basic proofreading tool and editor. It thoroughly analyzes the text and displays the spelling errors. Typely also generates a comprehensive summary which includes character count, vocabulary, reading time along with a few other things. In addition to that, some other functionalities such as PDF file conversion and exporting to Google Docs are also available. “Read it to me” is another commendable feature for a free tool. It enables a user to listen to their own text in order to improve their spoken English.
However, keep in mind that there is a limit on the number of words submitted by the user and it is 50,000 which is way more than a user may require normally. In addition to that, grammar checking is not supported yet on Typely.

9. Reverso:

As it’s mentioned on its website, Reverso is a portal of linguistic tools including translation, spell-checker, grammar, pronunciation feature etc. For the pronunciation feature to work, click on the voice icon or select a word or a number of words. It is also free of cost.
Reverso Browser extension gives the user a quick access to all Reverso tools. Translation of words or expressions, along with several other features of Reverso, directly from the browser is just a click away. Its Installation is completely free too.
Reverso is continuously being worked on and its services are being improved on a regular basis. It has the potential to become one of the best linguistic tools, gradually.

10. SpellCheckPlus:

Does Grammarly Autosave Online

Last but not the least, SpellCheckPlus is a tool that scans the text and provides valuable information about the writing errors found. It has an edge over other online spellcheckers in the sense that it is also able to detect problems with words that sound the same i.e. their and there, incorrect use of correct words,spacing and many other grammatical errors.
In order to use it, the user just needs to paste the text into the main window and hit the “Check Text” button. After that, the cursor should be moved over to the errors to retrieve relevant feedback about them. One thing that should be kept in mind while using it is that SpellCheckPlus will not catch each and every error. It is a designed to improve texts, not flawless. However, work is being done constantly to improve its services.
Although it is free, there is a premium version available called the SpellCheckPlus Pro which offers additional features. In the Pro version, there is no limit on the number of words submitted while in the free version, only 500 words’ text can be submitted at a time.