Download Pokemon Uranium Gba

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Download Pokemon Uranium

Latest version- Patch Update 1.1

Updated on- Jan 4 2017

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This is not a rom hack and cannot be played on a GBA emulator. It can only be played on a computer running Windows.

Download v1.1.0


Download v1.0



Name: Pokemon UraniumPokemon
Language: English
Creator: ~JV~, Involuntary Twitch
Platform: Windows (Mac coming soon)
Status: Completed


  • All 8 Gyms
  • The Tandor Championship
  • 192 Species of Pokémon to catch & evolve – plus 8 more coming in future updates
  • A full storyline – battle against a powerful Nuclear enemy
  • Online features: Battle and Trade directly with other players, and also use GTS and Wonder Trade and Mystery Gift
  • Multiple save files
  • 30+ hours of gameplay


Pokemon Uranium Gba Rom Download

~JV~, Involuntary Twitch


Official Website

Pokemon Uranium Play No Download

Pokemon Uranium GBA Version is another Pokemon game which was made from Pokemon Ruby. Pokemon Uranium is one of the most famous RMXP Hack until now and now ~Gary has tried to make it as a GBA version.

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And now, when he has finished it… we have a great game to play, right?

Pokemon Pc Games free. download full Version

Plot Details
Everything begins an afternoon in which you’ll see a professor in the mountains of Route 260 and gives you a pokemon sacred to the ISLANDS of SINNOH, a CHIMCHAR
Then you, decide to travel in the region, only to see and learn about places they always wears on TV. On this trip, know Gary, a traveller like you to know that just looking for new places, and you spoke about the challenge that consists of champion to win 8 missions to win a piece of ropecabezas (puzzle that was divided into 8 pieces to catch Tyranitar the radioactive). As your wise it’s not radioactive tyranitar, a strange subject, called Valerox, tells you what are the plans Gary and helps you stop it, but of course, what you say after freeing the tyranitar …

Download Pokemon Uranium Version Gba

Then you should catch it or conquer, so to restore order in the region, and simultaneously, winning the challenge of CHAMPION …
Another thing, Pokemon Legend in ziku this in repairs, do not ask for which there will be news soon …


Download pokemon uranium version gba
  • The methods for evolving Pokemon are changed now.
  • New sprites of many characters.
  • Many special events for different regions.
  • Following Pokemon
  • Edited all items in Pokemart



Pokemon Uranium GBA Version Download

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