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DPS may refer to any of the following:

1. Short for damage per second, DPS is the amount of damage a weapon, other equipment, player, or group of players can do against an enemy in an online game.

2.DPS can also refer to equipment the player is using. For example, a Priest in a MMORPG may have different equipment, DPS equipment, which allows them to do damage and healing equipment, which allows them to heal better.

Ds Video Games

Tank DPS: Roadhog (yes he's in tank section, but he doesn't have any damage blocking abilities and has some of the highest DPS in the game, effectively a raw DPS with a high health pool) Support DPS: Zenyatta (He's a support, but deals very high DPS with not much healing capabilities. What Does DPS Mean? DPS means Damage Per Second in an online gaming context. DPS is a measurement of damage that can be done by a weapon, spell, other equipment, player or group of. The good players are obvious. Sometimes in a game the dps classes are very gear dependent and distinguishing a good player from a mediocre one is nearly impossible. But given time and usually the higher level the player gets, it becomes obvious who is a quality player. Let’s face it though, dps classes can be relaxing. DPS Gaming is a growing clan striving to reach out to multiple games.

3.DP can also be short for display port.

Computer acronyms, Dot (Damage over time), Game terms

Dps Video Games

DPS Acronym meaning Damage Per Second. Often used in role playing games such as World of Warcraft, Defense of the Ancients, and Diablo. Used to measure how much damage per second a player is inflicting.