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The following services must be running on your Symantec Enterprise Vault (SEV) server to allow the Coveo connector for SEV to work:

  • Enterprise Vault Directory Service (allows the connector to discover archives)

  • Enterprise Vault Indexing Service (allows the connector to enumerate archive items)

  • Enterprise Vault Storage Service (allows the connector to retrieve item content)

PERC 9 has a virtual disk setting for 'disk cache policy'. The help in OpenManage says it's disabled by default for SAS but with the latest OpenManage I find it's enabled. Previous posts have described this setting as applying to write caching not read caching. Previous posts have discouraged turn. Enterprise Vault Vault Cache Properties and click the Details tab. This will give users an indication of the number of items left to synchronize, what currently has been downloaded and the space used. Note: Local caching is limited to 50% of the available free space on your C: drive. This should be ample. Setting Caching Behavior You can edit user or group profiles to control how files in designated folders are cached and refreshed. Automatically clearing the cache during logout reduces a user's cache size and increases security on machines that are used by multiple users. If you are using Enterprise Vault 8 and Vault Cache then the DB files are created on the server first and then downloaded to the client which is then placed in their user profile on the machine, once downloaded the DB files are then deleted from the server. (The settings have no effect in the Enterprise Vault Client for Mac OS X, or in OWA clients on Exchange Server 2013 and later with the Office Mail App enabled.) Table: Exchange desktop policy Options tab Outlook Behavior settings describes the Outlook Behavior settings.

Enterprise Vault Cache Settings Google Chrome

Vault cache reset

Vault Cache Epic

In SEV 9 and earlier, these services are enabled by default. In SEV 10, the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service is not running by default and must be configured and started.

To enable the Enterprise Vault Indexing Service for SEV 10

  1. Using an administrator account, connect to your Enterprise Vault 10 server.

  2. In the Enterprise Vault console, in the panel on the left, under Enterprise Vault Servers, right-click your server, and then select Properties.

  3. In the Computer Properties dialog box:

    1. Select the Cache tab.

    2. In the Cache settings section, in the Cache location box, browse or enter the path for the cache and then click OK. How to get sea of thieves on mac.

  4. Back in the Enterprise Vault, in the panel on the left, under your server, click Services.

  5. In the panel on the right, right-click Enterprise Vault Indexing Service, select Start, and then ensure that its Status turns to Running.

    Note: If the Enterprise Vault Storage Service is not running, start it as well.