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Born from the Open DMX USB interface the PRO version is the ultimate USB DMX adapter for all computer based lighting needs. Enttec’s DMX USB Pro is an inexpensive device that will allow you to output DMX from a computer based lighting controller to your lighting rig, or input DMX from an external controller in to your lighting visualizer of. A robust and affordable DMX Ethernet Gateway, ODE is the surefire solution to controlling lights remotely. Simply connect your console or computer directly, or interface with popular iPhone and iPad applications. You can even distribute DMX signals over standard Cat 5 wiring. Enjoy industry standard performance at a budget-conscious price.

  1. DMXUSB can emulate a single DMX port/universe device like the DMXKing USB ultraDMX Micro, a two port/universe device like the DMXKing ultraDMX Pro, or an n-universe DMXUSB device. All devices are compatible with the ENTTEC standard. DMXUSB works with the Open Lighting Architecture (OLA) as a usbserial device.
  2. OK, so I have updated the firmware, downloaded the drivers and made sure I’m on the latest release of ONYX. My Enttec DMXUSB PRO I’ve used for five shows already now won’t output DMX with ONYX. This is after the latest Microsoft update for the surface. I downloaded the Enttec tools and I can control lights using the Enttec manager window but my ONYX software won’t send dmx through it.
  3. D-PRO The best software in its class. With the ability to control lighting this easily, no wonder D-PRO is the best software in its class. Operating seamlessly on Mac or PC, D-PRO’s intuitive interface and extensive array of advanced features make running preset lighting cues, a second nature.

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The channel count per license is output channels (e.g. one RGB LED takes 3 DMX channels and DMX, OSC and MIDI output channels are all counted).

Valid for one specific computer. Pro, Super and Ultimate licenses can be transferred twice to another computer when done within 3 years of the purchase date. Contact us with your new hardware id.

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Enttec Open Dmx Compatible Software

All features.

All software updates (major and minor) are FREE. You'll get all these updates.

Valid for one specific computer only.

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Forget upgrade fees. You always have access to the latest and greatest Lightjams version completely free of charge. See the release history to get a feel of all you'll get over time!

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It is a USB DMX adapter for all computer based lighting needs.Main Features:-Micro processor enabled-1500 V full isolation (data & power lines to protect your computer from surges)-1 Input & 1 Output connector (there is only one DMX port though)-RDM enabled-Supports Various 3rd party Controllers/VJs/Tools-Internal frame buffering

  • Publisher: ENTTEC
  • Last updated: October 19th, 2012


The Sniffer is an RDM/DMX monitoring and diagnosis application that will decode and print all RDM/DMX packets on a DMX network. You can test a new RDM product, implementation or simply monitor your existing DMX RDM network.The Sniffer will also peform timing analysis and statistics on your DMX network. The RDM sniffer relies on RDM USB Pro.

  • Publisher: ENTTEC
  • Last updated: April 25th, 2010


PRO-Manager is the free Windows application used to manage compatible ENTTEC DMX USB products.Main features:- Configure & test supported ENTTEC USB devices with PRO-Manager.- Send DMX patterns or use Faders to test DMX Output.- Supports Art-Net to DMX.- Standalone mode supports Art-Net recording for Pixie Driver and Pro Mk2 .

  • Publisher: ENTTEC Pty Ltd.
  • Home page:www.enttec.com
  • Last updated: November 16th, 2016

DMX Studio 64 ver.

The software “DMX Studio”, written to be used with PC-DMX interfaces, was inspired by an existing light-control desk, SGM Studio 24/48.It can act as a classic 2-scenes preset console or a memory console with submasters and 24-page memory. The interfaces supported by this software are: OKSID USB2DMX, Kristof Nys 64 ch. interface, etc.

  • Publisher: Luigi Barone
  • Home page:xoomer.virgilio.it
  • Last updated: May 23rd, 2012

Pattern Generator

The PPG12500 is a 1-13 Gb/s single-channel Programmable Pattern Generator. Key features such as 24 Mbit user-programmable pattern memory and two-tap de-emphasis provide the capability for compliance testing in Backplane, Copper and Fiber applications e.g. PCIe, USB3.0, SAS, 802.3ap 10G Ethernet, and Displayport testing.

  • Publisher: Centellax
  • Home page:www.centellax.com
  • Last updated: December 11th, 2010

USB Secure

USB Secure can password protect any portable media including USB drives, External drives and even memory cards. It supports plug and play and automatic execution. No admin rights or install required on the other computer.

  • Publisher: newsoftwares.net
  • Home page:www.newsoftwares.net
  • Last updated: May 27th, 2020


ArKaos VJ DMX can be controlled with small or hi-end DMX consoles and allows a smooth integration of videos into light shows, theater and performances. it will enable you set up outstanding video shows in a matter of seconds. Build a full performance using only a few simple video loops from your hard drive, mixing and altering them using more than 100 real-time effects.

  • Publisher: ArKaos s.a.
  • Last updated: February 20th, 2012

Martin LightJockey

LightJockey 2 is a flexible, easy-to-use Windows-based controller utilizing a USB to DMX Interface. One of the industry’s most popular PC-based controllers for well over a decade, LightJockey 2 offers lighting designers greater flexibility, spontaneity and ease of use in a user-focused control package.

  • Publisher: Martin Professional A/S
  • Last updated: January 11th, 2017

LinuxLive USB Creator

LinuxLive USB Creator is a small, neat and handy application that helps you quickly and easily create bootable virtualized USB sticks running Linux.It has a built-in virtualization feature that lets you run your Linux within Windows, with no reboot needed.

Enttec Open Dmx Compatible Software Installer

  • Publisher: Thibaut Lauziere
  • Home page:www.linuxliveusb.com
  • Last updated: November 5th, 2020


DMX 6Fire USB software client will help you get the best out of the external audio system with as little effort as possible.DMX 6Fire USB is the perfect external audio system for musicians, DJs and gamers with high demands on sound quality.Sonically, the quality is very good, and the software can operate all the way up to 192kHz/24-bit.

  • Publisher: TerraTec Electronic GmbH
  • Home page:www.terratec.net
  • Last updated: August 1st, 2011

Password Protect USB

In these times, we must be protected; this software will prevent another people from viewing, printing, or altering your documents. This software called Password Protect allows you to protect an unlimited numbers of folders with just writing your password!

  • Publisher: Password Protect Software
  • Home page:www.password-protect-software.com
  • Last updated: March 5th, 2008

Realtek USB Card Reader

USB card reader driver for Win XP/Vista/Win7 Driver (32/64 bits) Driver only (ZIP file)

  • Publisher: REALTEK Semiconductor Corp.
  • Last updated: August 19th, 2014

USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security protects your computer from being infected by malicious programs present on external storage media. It supports flash disk, SD card, external hard disk, iPod, and other devices. This program can work along with other anti-virus programs.

  • Publisher: Zbshareware Lab.
  • Home page:www.zbshareware.com
  • Last updated: June 16th, 2020

Intel USB eXtensible Host Controller Driver

This driver contains support for the following Intel® Chipsets and Intel® Processors

  • Publisher: Intel Corporation
  • Last updated: April 1st, 2015

Baidu Antivirus

Enttec Open Dmx Compatible Software Windows 10

Baidu Antivirus features all-in-one protection against viruses, malware and all other pesky and dangerous files that may damage your PC. It also boasts an integrated Firewall and much more. You will be amazed at the options this exquisite program provides.Moreover, this software is completely free, giving you the same, if not even better, protection then its heavy-weight rivals

  • Publisher: Baidu,Inc.
  • Last updated: March 13th, 2015

Folder Lock

Enttec Open Dmx Driver

If in search of a comprehensive solution to protect all your sensitive information from prying eyes, Folder Lock offers you not only strong password protection and encryption, but also an unassailable backup to recover your lockers and wallets in case of data loss. It can protect both your system drives and whatever USB devices you wish to carry with you.

  • Publisher: NewSoftwares LLC
  • Home page:www.newsoftwares.net
  • Last updated: August 19th, 2020
  • Publisher: Garmin Ltd. and its subsidiaries
  • Home page:www8.garmin.com
  • Last updated: June 26th, 2020

USB System Lock

USB System Lock (USL) is the solution to lock your system by a USB drive. A computer that is locked by USL can unlock by the USB drive which contain the correct key only. USL can work on MP3 Player(with USB port), thumb-size USB storage, card reader..etc.

  • Publisher: Wong Ho Wang - HoWangSoft
  • Last updated: March 29th, 2008