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Fake Dupont serial numbers, specifically ones for the S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 lighter, are sometimes placed in a straight line, according to eBay. Dupont Ligne 2 lighters have the numbers stamped slightly out of alignment. In addition, Dupont lighters have serial numbers that are stamped rather than engraved. You need some sort of serial number to go by, not the model number. GIVEAWAY: Win A PS4 Pro With Marvel’s Avengers. When checking the serial number, it should consist of 14 numbers/letters, although i noticed that the serial number of a fake controller starts with DW, my serial number strictly consists of numbers, i am aware some serial numbers start with LE and others have letters in the middle, but i noticed DW is usually very common with fakes so i'd avoid those for now. As you know to develop on PS4, game studios use PS4 development systems.:notworthy: Now, following my PS4 Debug Settings Overview I'm interested in finding how the Serial Number works and with the recent gameplay of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Some Youtubers made the mistake to show the UI.

Hey buddy!

yes you’re right! Happened to me twice in last 8 days.

1st pair unopened bought from FB Market place

2nd from ebay( trusted seller)

both seems to have same issue

  1. geniune serial number of airpods
  2. upon unboxing comes up as airpods( name can’t be edited, neither siri can be accessible
  3. can’t see them in About settings of iphone
  4. this gives us clear answer something is not right

upon investigation in a apple store i found

they are fake, why?


you will notice

fake box is not apple white but is blueish white

2 fake case lid is not attached finely like a premium apple product

3 airpods( apple claims) place them one by one on a flash light and if inside is visible easily to light ( reflection or see through)

then they are fake if not real.

now question comes about why serial numbers of original ones used?

Ps4 Serial Number Location

whoever has started this production actually buy some geniune pairs from Apple store Shenzan China, then remove actual lid or cap of the case and place onto their own home made airpods and their case to show us that serial number is available inside. But whole machinery has taken out.

then they place serial number sticker on fake box so we match both inside and out ones.

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  1. another clue is of valid purchase date is there and it shows you warranty from the past date they are the ones taken into their own hands and remade with their ones
  2. apple airpods warranty starts the day you unbox them.
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hope it will help you.

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