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Below is the entire list of movies that have 5.1 trailers available on the site. All are available as.mp4 with Dolby AC3 5.1 Audio at 640 kpbs and.mkv in with Blu-ray quality video and lossless 5.1 audio formats such as DTS-HD Master Audio, FLAC, or PCM (LPCM). All new trailers (Since February 22, 2019) have been encoded in DTS-HD Master. DTS, like Dolby Digital, is a lossy (compressed) surround sound format capable of discrete 5.1 and 6.1 channels of surround sound. DTS surround can flow via a standard digital cable unlike today's higher-resolution formats that require an HDMI cable. Pinnacle pctv sat hdtv pro usb. DTS was the audiophile's choice for music surround sound in the pre-DVD-Audio days. The film stars Ramki, Amar Siddique, Yosika, Vinita amongst others in the lead roles. The project became the first DTS film in Indian cinema, and had a music score composed by M. Raja, his First music composing venture. The movie was Hit and successfully ran in more theaters in Tamil Nadu and also in the nearby state of Andhra Pradesh. Karuppu Roja – India’s first ever movie with DTS technology Features 9-Sep-2017 4:14 PM IST RM Comments Tweet Steven Spielberg’s The Jurassic Park turned to be a top-notch technology across the whole world for it inquired the DTS technology.

Iru Mugan is a fast-paced action thriller thatwill satisfy fans of popcorn movies and those seeking entertainment alike. Thefilm basically tries to portray the clash between a ruthless RAW agent Akilan(Vikram) and a deadly-effeminate drug lord Love (Vikram). Four years back,Akilan had destructed the underworld drug mafia of Love and finished him off,paying a huge price of losing his techie wife Meera (Nayanthara). Cut to thepresent, Love who is still alive, gains back momentum and uses a drug called Speed inthe form of an inhaler through which one’s energy gets multiplied that theyalmost become strong and uncontrollable for five minutes!. Love begins hisfirst attack at the Indian embassy in Malaysia and the intelligence teamseeks the help of Akilan who is on a sabbatical to take control of thesituation. As Akilan has an unsettled business with Love, he accepts to take upthe mission and flies to Malaysiawith his fellow RAW agent Ayushi (Nithya Menon). Iru Mugan is truly a filmon par with international standards, especially RD Rajasekar's crystal clearcinematography and Harris Jayaraj's adrenaline rushing background score. All thesongs are hummable especially the Halena and Maya songs.


Dts Movies List

01 Halena - 16MB, 05Min 38Sec

Best Dts Movies In Xbox Movies

Abhay Jodhpurkar, Ujjayinee Roy, Christopher Stanley
02 Oh Maya - 09MB, 02Min 39Sec
N. C. Karunya, Ramya NSK
03 Kannai Vittu - 13MB, 03Min 57Sec
Tippu, Srimathumitha, Praveen SaiviFirst Dts Movie In Tamil
04 Irumugan Settai - 10MB, 03Min 41Sec
First Dts Movie In TamilMoviesKavithai Gunder Emcee Jesz, Steeve Vatz, Maalavika Manoj