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  • Okogawa's Guide (1.9) for Gibbed's ME2 editor Most information in this guide comes from my own 'trial and error' testing, but now it's time to expand. Know any trick with the Gibbed's Mass Effect 2 Save Editor not mentioned here? Well, just post it to: [email protected] with topic: 'Gibbed Guide' and the name I'll post under credits.
  • Download and Open Gibbed's ME2 Save Editor. Below is for the section of the editor 'PlotMass Effect 1Values' ^ For Garrus, '6' in one column and '0' in the.
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Hey guy I'm pretty new to this forum and this is my first Post (First in English). But anyways..

I'm currently playing the Mass Effect Triology (midway through 3) and I realized I messed up. In ME 2 I did (at least I think) every quest, every loyalty mission and so on because on the one hand I, of course, want to get to know every part of the story ME2 tells me and on the other hand I wanted to own a, to me, perfect savegame which I can always import for Mass Effect 3. I have to mention I already bote about 8 months ago the triology. But on that run I went immediately after the Collectors took my crew to their ship. And this is the reason why I didn't know that if you do some missions after they took them the crew dies (which obviously happened to mine xD).

I'm not sure if it'll work, but you can get the Gibbed ME 2 save editor, open your last save in it and change your final level to 1 then import that save into Mass Effect 3. DanielDust Worth a shot. Feb 27, 2010 Creating a custom ME1 save for ME2 (using ME2) Mass Effect 2 PC. PlayStation 3 Xbox 360. Download and Open Gibbed's ME2 Save Editor. Below is for the section of the editor 'PlotMass Effect 1Values' ^ For Garrus, '6' in one column and '0' in the other (i.e.

Actually I just wanted to do every mission (except the DLC 'The arrival') before I finish the game and this is why there was no turning back for after I completed so many missions.

I saw some threads in these forums but I can't ask any questions in there because it's not allowed any more. So I used the Gibbed.MassEffect2.SaveEdit to set Kelly Chambers, Gardner and the crew to the status 'alive'. It seemed to work because I started ME2 and the hole crew even Kelly appeared in the Normandy and I could talk to them, etc. So I thought it'll be fine in ME3 but after I first got to the Normandy in ME3 I read the list about the soldiers killed in action. I don't know why but it says Kenneth is dead.

To me he seemed pretty alive in ME2. So at first I guessed it's because of the fact the he actually died in ME2 and I just used the SaveEditor and something got wrong. But why is he the only one who's dead? I mean his partner , Garbriella Daniels, is not on the list, so probably she's not dead. And what about Kelly? I read you can see her again in Mass Effect 3 but some people say that it's only possible if you dated her in ME2. I didn't, so could I see her? And if Kelly died in ME2, is her name on the list of the soldiers as well?

So to cut a long story short, I don't want to play ME2 (for now) again, just for these ridiculous things. Red dead revolver ps2 download coolrom. I'm playing ME3 on extreme (I think it's called extreme. The one after normal) and after I beat the game I wanted to replay it on the hardest difficulty. That's why I want to know: Does anyone know what values I have to change? And of course It'll be nice if someone answers my other questions,

Thanks for reading and I hope everything was correct so you could understand me!

Mass Effect Andromeda Gibbed

The Face Effect
What does this method do? It provides a lengthy movement of data using Gibbed's Mass Effect editors to provide a closer approximation of your original Shepard than the YAML method. I've only done this with femShep, but I'm sure the process can be used with manShep.
It is worth mentioning that the closer you can get your Shepard in the ME3 character creator when you import using this method, the better results you have and certainly combining this with the YAML method might be prudent. This method works by changing variables tiny amounts. The rule of entropy is partly to blame for this error and only your eye will verify how much it looks like your Shepard.
MassFor an example (note this example didn't set the hair and eyebrows because I was lazy, the tutorial explains this too):
This is a temporary fix for the ME3 import bug. The fix is produced by a fan and so I don't accept any liability to loss of data or damage to hardware. The chances of this are remote but regardless, you choose to follow this
tutorial at your own discretion. In addition, back up your save files and profile files on ME2 and ME3, just in case.
Xbox saves
If you're a PC user, skip this section. If you're an Xbox user, Dimensio kindly found a link to get your save off of and back to the Xbox.
This method requires that you already have a save file. It expects that you import one from ME2 (and thus all your plot variables as well). It also requires that you watch the first cut-scene in order to have a controllable Shepard (this isn't entirely true, but it is easier to notice differences when you can control them).
EffectAlso, you will need two versions of Gibbed's Mass Effect save editor. One for ME2, one for ME3. Links below:
Mass Effect 2 Editor: (official version, doesn't work for Xbox saves)

Mass Effect Game Save Editor (modified version, works for Xbox saves)
Mass Effect 3 Editor:
Extract these in folders you can find. I personally used the desktop. Both applications have a pink square as an icon, if you're confused as to what you need to see. Finally, make sure to have your ME2 save on hand so you can import it into ME3.
  1. Start ME3, go to new game then click “Import ME2 Character”. You will be presented with something that isn't your Shepard and possibly a message saying “Face reconstruction required” click the box to get rid of it.
  2. Now choose the complexion, hair style and brow style that best represent your Shepard. This is important because changing it can be more difficult and requires knowledge I don't have right now. You may also want to add scars. I know they should have imported from ME2, but I'm not certain of this (I always used the regenerator). Everything else will be set later.
  3. Once the complexion, hair, eyebrow and scars are correct (or as close as you can get) accept and start the game. You can make adjustments to other things as well, but these may be reset anyway. This method gets you closer to the Shepard you had but a lot of the leg work can be done in the character creator as well.
  4. Play until you gain control of Shepard (don't worry, no spoilers :D)
  5. Save the game TWICE, as in, in two different slots. You'll end up with Save 0001 and Save 0002, hopefully. This is so you have a backup.
Variable Import Explanation
This section is where the magic happens and is also very laborious. You'll be double clicking, pressing CTRL+C, double clicking then pressing CTRL+V a lot, so I have done this in stages and explained what you are changing as we go. We aren't copying all the data, only the bits I understand to get a result I think is not bad.
  1. Open Gibbed's ME2 save file editor and open the save with Shepard you want the appearance from.
  2. Navigate to the “Raw” tab, then scroll down until you find “Player”. Click the + next to it to open it up, then do the same for “Appearance” then “Morph Head”. You will have a set of collections ranging from “Accessory Meshes” to “Vector Parameters”.
  3. Open Gibbed's ME3 save file editor and open the save you just started ME3 with. Navigate to the “Raw” tab, then scroll down until you find “Player”. Click the arrow next to it to open it up, then do the same for “Appearance” then
  4. “Morph Head”. You will have a set of collections ranging from “Accessory Meshes” to “Vector Parameters”, like below:

So you'll notice these look rather similar huh? That's because the system governing a face morph is very similar, minus a view variables. To explain what you're looking at, these fields you won't be using:
  • Accessory Meshes are things like hoods and visors. For Shepards, these are governed by a separate system (it's more for companions).
  • Hair Mesh is the mesh of your hair. The data input here is what's called a constant because each mesh has a name. To this end, to get the hairs available to you, you needed to set this in ME3.
  • LODxVertices are “level of detail” vertices. I will be honest in not being sure how much these affect the face but from other games these variables may only be used for long draw distances. Nevertheless, the data isn't directly transferable without some frame of reference.
These fields you might be using:
  • MorphFeatures is something I'm not sure about. When I transferred these variables, it didn't seem to have any effect. You might try not bothering with them.
  • OffsetBones is the bones under the skin that control the FACE SHAPE. This is the most important bit really, but colour also is a factor.
  • ScalarParameters is effects on the face, stuff like lighting interaction (such as how glossy the hair is).
  • TextureParameters is a collection of data just like Hair Mesh. It uses named variables which hopefully you set in ME3. This would be things like your complexion, hair and brows styles.
  • VectorParameters controls colour, including skin tone, eye colour and makeup.
Gibbed Save Editor Mass Effect 1Now you know what everything does. Now onto the actual movement.
I'll use VectorParameters as an example, but the principle applies to all the fields above. Remember the important ones are OffsetBones, ScalarParameters and VectorParameters.
First, open the VectorParameters collection by clicking the “.” button next to it in both editors. You'll end up like this.
This is the raw data controlling your face. For example EYE_IRIS_COLOUR_VECTOR controls the colour of Shep's iris. You see a list of variables on the left section and their values (such as RGB or XYZ) on the right.
If you put the two windows side by side, you might notice some differences! That's what you want to import. Highlight the variable, say Eye_Iris_Colour_Vector in both editors and open it up on the right. Double click on the first values (in this case A, which stands for Alpha) in the ME2 editor to select it all, press CTRL and C to copy it, double click on the same variable in the ME3 editor and copy it into the respective place (again, A). The diagram below might explain it better.

Gibbed Save Editor Mass Effect 1

Good job, that's one variable. Now you might notice that the order of the ME2 editor is a bit random whereas the ME3 editor is ordered nicely. The process I work with is to pick the variable in the ME3 editor, find it in the ME2 editor then copy it over. A note, if you find that there is a variable in ME2 but not in ME3, or vice versa, don't worry too much about it; the unfortunate thing is this isn't a precise movement.
Now, do this for each variable in OffsetBones, ScalarParameters and VectorParameters. It can take up to an hour.

Gibbed Save Editor Mass Effect 1 Full

Gibbed Save Editor Mass Effect 1
If anyone needs an explanation of what they're doing or some help, just let me know.
  • Gibbed - Most of the legwork for this method comes from Gibbed's save editors and so he should get the most credit for this; being able to interoperate and import data from saves when they're compiled must have taken ages to understand.
  • Clarian - A user who followed what I was suggesting on the Bioware social forums and helped delve into things I didn't understand.
  • Malcroix - A user on the Bioware social forums who's given this method credence by beating me to the jump and posting the full idea first!
  • Dimensio - A user on the Bioware social forums who very quickly provided a link to getting saves from the X360, a console I personally don't own.
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