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  1. How To Install Whatsapp Using Youwave
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While looking for a demo of Angry Birds, I notice that Angry Birds for Android are free but alas, I don’t have an Android phone yet. So in the spirit of getting free stuff :) I try to install Android OS on my PC.

This is how we are going to move towards the installation process and I’ve try my best to keep everything simple and secure. Note: If you don’t want to use YouWave Android Emulator to play Clash of Clans game on PC then we have another tutorial ready for you, easily get COC for PC with Bluestacks (Step by Step Tutorial). Runs on: Windows 10 64 bit Windows 8 64 bit Windows 7 64 bit Windows Vista 64 bit Windows XP 64 bit file size: 341 MB filename: YouWave-Android-Premium-5-11.exe. Download thousands of apps online via app stores within youwave. Easy to use – Easy to install. Easy to import and run apps Purchase with PayPal for instant transaction. Key Technical Features. Supports Android 5.1 Lollipop (Premium new) and 4.0 ICS (Free) Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 SD card functionality – enables game saving. How to install the apk in YouWave This video is represent how to install the apk without any error If you like this video click the subscribe button and bell.

A lot of tutorial teaches how to install Android on PC but many of them are for developer, take a lot of numerous steps, needs Java to runs or even using live CD. This means, the choice is not for ordinary users who just want to try Android app. That is where YouWave Android came along. The process is brief; you just download and install the software.

To install YouWave Android, first you download the software at YouWave Android site (currently only for Windows XP/Vista/7)

How to install apk in youwave

Follow through the installation step and you’re done! To use it just click on the icon in the desktop

It came pre-installed with a couple of apps, a news aggregate app Newspaper, tower defense game Robo Defense free, puzzle like rush hours, Othello, jewels and Advanced Task Killer to easily kill running app.

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To install Android app are easy, just download from your browser and put it in the default apps directory “<user home directory> /youwave/Android apps/” or any directory of your choice.

How to install youwave on pc

No direct install from Android market yet so you have to install it manually, there are many places you can download Android app, just Google it using “Android apps” keyword, or you can visit or to download the apps, Android apps use .apk for its file extensions.

The minimum requirements for YouWave Android are Intel 1.6GHz CPU or its equivalent, with 1G of RAM and 500MBytes of free disk space. Internet connections are needed depends on what the apps you are using.

How to install youwave on pc


  • It is easy to install the software
  • And it is easy to install Android apps; just download it on the default or preferred apps folder
  • Can try a huge library of Android apps
  • It is fast.
  • Have screen rotations features but you have to click it manually

How To Install Whatsapp Using Youwave


  • Ads, there is a lots of ads in it, but there is a work way around, just block any connection to the internet. Usually there is a connection each time the software start, you can block those connections using firewall or just turn off the internet connection.
  • Huge resource use, it means it decreases laptop battery fast, my laptop battery usually lasted around 2-3 hours before it needs to be plugged in, with this software, my laptop only lasted 1 hour or so while playing tower of defense game (Xeno Tactic II Lite) (tested on i5).
  • Huge resolutions, this is usually good news but for wide monitor like my laptop and LCD (1366 x 768 pixels) it is bad news, because it uses a really high resolutions for its height and no resize options, that is why I couldn’t took a good screenshot of the software.
  • No access to Android market yet but you can download apps
  • The means to use the software only trough mouse and keyboards, so no microphone, camera, orientation sensor, SD card support and accelerometer in here yet (tested version 1.31).
  • Still can’t play Angry Birds, because it need ARM Code processor (tested on Intel i5) :(

Check out YouWave Android here

How To Install Playstore In Youwave

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