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Check for Simple Fixes First. There’s nothing more embarrassing than yelling at the PC over sound.

Few days back while watching a movie on my laptop, when the track changed I was not able to hear any sound from my speakers. First, I thought there was the problem with the video itself but when I was not able to get the audio for any of the media files, I concluded that the problem was somewhere at my end, meaning in the computer. It was time to troubleshoot it, the one thing I always look forward to.


How to Troubleshoot the Problem

  1. Check the headset’s LED status. If the LED is not lit, try connecting the link box to a different power outlet. If the LED is dim green, the headset is on standby mode. Activate it by moving the headset or starting a VR app. If the LED is red, check if you're encountering a cable connection or driver error.
  2. Dirt, debris and dust could be stuck in the microphone, try cleaning the microphone with compressed air and check to see if the HTC One A9 audio problem is fixed. Audio problem can be caused by Bluetooth. Turn off the Bluetooth device and see if this will solve the audio problem on the HTC One A9. Wiping cache of your smartphone can also solve the audio problem, read this guide on how to wipe the HTC One A9 cache. Another suggestion is to enter the HTC One M9 into Recovery Mode.

The thing about troubleshooting is that it’s a step by step process. First thing I checked was the power supply to my external speakers, and if I could hear the sound on my laptop. As I was not able to get any sound on my laptop’s speakers as well, it confirmed that there was some problem in the laptop (hardware or software).

The next thing I checked was if the drivers are installed and if the audio output source is correct. To do so, open Control Panel–>Sound. First of all, check if your audio driver is installed, and if it’s the default playback device. Sometimes there can be a problem like Windows might connect to services like Bluetooth’s audio if you have configured it someday, thereby routing all the audio to the Bluetooth port.


If the section is not showing any device in the list, there might be some problem with the device drivers. You should download the latest version of your audio drivers and install it on your system to solve the problem. However, none of the above tricks could solve my problem and the last thing I thought that could have gone wrong was the Windows Audio Service.

Windows Audio is a Windows service that manages audio for Windows based programs. If at all this service is stopped due to any reason, audio devices will not function properly. To fix audio services, open the run command and launch services.msc. In the services window search for Windows Audio and right click on it to select Start to start the audio service.

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Htc Sound Problem


In my case, the problem was solved but if none of the above problems is able to restore your Windows sound, I am afraid that the problem is not just related to drivers and software. I would advise you to call a guy from service center and let him have a look at the problem. Still you may always discuss your problems with us using the comments section.

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