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The HydraCAD YouTube Channel is the definitive source for Hydratec videos. For more information, please visit us at Hydracad.com. HydroCAD Reference Manual. Author: HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC ISBN 168, 176 pages, 8.5' x 11.5', published 2020. The HydroCAD Reference Manual provides detailed.

Q:Is there a setting that allows you to put the inch mark (“) after pipe sizes? Some of our drawings have the inch mark and then newer drawings leave the mark off?

A: Yes. When you start a new drawing, there is a place there for adding a suffix. If you put in an inch mark, it will show up when you size pipe. If you want to change it after you have already started a drawing, pick the HydraTools pulldown then pick Options and then pick Access Drawing Unit Setup. The next time you elevate the drawing and bring it back down, the inch marks will appear/disappear as you set them.

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Hydracad Training



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Hydratec provides a complete line of BIM integrated software for the fire protection industry. Our HydraCAD gives you the ability to produce a true BIM compatible 3D design model of your sprinkler system to facilitate coordination with all other trades. HydraCAD is fully capable of creating a BIM compliant model for coordination with Revit and Navisworks.
Our HydraCALC lets you calculate virtually any sprinkler system. You may calculate using Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach formulas - even do a supply calculation to show you the best density your existing system can supply. HydraCALC comes with HydraCALC-Sizer - a fast graphic based estimating tool.
Our HydraLIST is the industry leading stock-listing and fabrication software. It is capable of producing a full range of reports, job statistics and pipe labels. It can even produce and read bar-coded labels, with proper equipment. HydraLIST comes complete with our unique, industry-leading products Head Selector and Valve Selector.
Our HydraBID lets you easily price any job of any size. It has built in reporting and simplification abilities and will even price a job from HydraCALC-Sizer.
Please also consider us for all your design services needs.