Ibook A1005 Specs

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Did the iBook run before you did the hard drive replacement?
The iMac CDs are system-specific (not generic). There are many different versions for many different iMacs, and certainly not all iMac CDs will work with an iBook.
The iMac Apple Hardware Test CD is definitely not compatible with an iBook.
You could try _calling Apple_ and ask if they have the right CDs available. If they do, they will send them to you (for a fee).
If there really is a problem with the built-in memory, it will take a new logic board to solve the problem, since it is soldered to the logic board.
Hindsight is 20/20, but I, myself, won't buy a used Mac that doesn't include the original system Restore discs.
Ibook a1005 specs list

Ibook M6497

Apple iBook G3 700 MHz 16 Gb VRAM Specs iBook - M8602LL/A - PowerBook4,3 - A1005. The iBook - the last consumer targeted Apple notebook series to use the PowerPC processor - shipped from 1999 until 2006. The line started out with lavish, colorful designs but evolved into quiet, white ones. The iBook was replaced by the MacBook series. Complete iBook technical specs are below.

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