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The manufacturer no longer makes this part, and there's no substitute part #23. Diagram of Kenmore Top-Mount Refrigerator 3. Problem Possible cause Remedy; The temperature inside the appliance is too low. The Super freeze function is still switched on. The Super freeze function switches itself off automatically after approx. Sigur ros hoppipolla piano sheet music.


High Efficiency
Capacity: 3.6 cu ft
Width: 27-1/8'
MSRP: $939

Per Cu Ft

Ratings Guide BestBetterGoodFairPoor

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Washer Pros and Cons
CleaningAn internal heater sanitizes clothes by raising the water temperature to the 150-160 degree range. High temperatures are the key to really getting clothes clean, removing stains, and killing hidden bacteria.
CyclesNumber of cycles and options is 73% higher than average and ranks in the top 5% of new washers for BEST program selection and flexibility. More cycles helps you tailor the wash to your family's needs.
EnergyModified Energy Factor is about average for a new washer and should provide GOOD energy efficiency. MEF = capacity divided by energy consumption; the higher the factor, the less electricity it uses.
WaterThe Kenmore 28002 Water Factor is 1% lower than average and ranks in the top 50% of new washing machines for BETTER water efficiency. WF = consumption / capacity; the lower the factor, the less water it uses.
WarrantyStandard one-year parts and labor warranty. Several brands such as Frigidaire, LG, Maytag, and Samsung are offering multi-year parts only warranties on the costly drive motor. Subject to change.
PricePrice per cubic foot is 6% lower than average and ranks in the top 40% of new washing machines for BETTER affordability. Based on the MSRP, each cubic foot costs about $16 less than the average new washer.

Performance Ratings
800 RPM - Maximum spin speed is 30% lower than average and ranks in the bottom 10% of new washers for POOR moisture removal. Lower spin RPM usually leaves more water and requires longer dryer times.
Auto Temp Control - Automatically regulates the hot and cold water supply to ensure that water enters and stays at the proper temperature. On cold days the hot water runs longer or more often to compensate.
Standard Motions - Cleans using standard HE top load wash motions that are effective for most wash applications. Some models have unique motions that can help improve cold wash cleaning in particular.
Internal Heater - Uses an internal heater to achieve higher temps beyond your home's hot water supply. Hot water is the best way to remove stubborn stains. Key feature that makes a difference.
No Steam Cleaning - The Kenmore Kenmore 28002 does not have the capability to produce steam. Steam cycles are now available on about 40% of new washers, and they are very effective on soil removal.
Sanitize Cycle - Water is heated to the 160-degree range where it kills most or all germs and bacteria. Helps ensure that your laundry is truly fresh-smelling by destroying odor-causing bacteria. Not NSF Certified.
No Foam Cycle - Powerfoam is only available on select Samsung washers. Foam cleaning has not proven to get your clothes any cleaner, but it can lessen wash-times and may be easier on certain fabrics.
Allergen Cycle - The Kenmore 28002 reduces or eliminates many common household allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. Not certified by the NSF or Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
Automatic Water Level - Designed with sensors that detect the load size and then adjust the water level to achieve the best cleaning and rinsing performance. Convenient feature that also saves water.
Basic Vibration System - One of the 25% of washers that do not have a specific vibration control system. Many vibrations can be prevented by loading the drum evenly and placing the washer on a level surface.
Stainless Steel Wash Drum - Stainless steel is a long-lasting wash tub material; it resists corrosion, stains, and chipping. Durability is why several manufacturers offer extended warranties on steel tubs.

Convenience Ratings
Capacity3.6 cu ft - Interior capacity is close to the new washer average of 3.9 cu ft. Capacity is a personal choice, but the larger the washer, the less loads you'll have to do, and the more time and money you'll likely save.
MSRP$939 - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is 15% lower than average and ranks in the top 30% of new washing machines for BETTER overall price. Also check the cost per cubic foot.
DisplayNo Display - Kenmore's Kenmore 28002 is in the small (15%) group of new washers that do not provide visual information on wash program status and cycle time. Makes home multi-tasking more complicated.
No Delay Start - Cannot be programmed to start at a later time. About 85% of new washing machines have a convenient delay start feature that allows you to better schedule the laundry around your busy life.
Dispenser3-4 Tray Dispenser - Bleach, fabric softener, and detergent can be preloaded into the Kenmore 28002 dispensing trays and automatically released by the washing machine at the optimum time in the wash cycle.
Settings5/4/3 Temp/Soil/Spin Settings - Average number of selectable settings for temperature, soil level, and spin speed. More settings allow greater flexibility with the care of your clothes and fabrics.
Standard Quick Wash - Standard quick-wash capability where you can run a small-load, short cycle (generally 30 minutes). Allows you to quickly do some last-minute laundry for unexpected events.
No Overnight Wash & Dry - Like most washers, this one does not have the unique capability to both wash and dry your clothes in an extended multi-hour cycle. Only found on less than 5% of new washers.
No Custom Cycle - Cannot program a custom cycle with soil, spin, temperature and other settings that you use most often. Convenient capability - only available on about 20% of new washing machines.
No Smartphone Connect - You can't control washer operations or troubleshoot problems through a smartphone application. About 25% of new washers now have some type of phone connectivity.
No Detergent Reservoir - Does not have a large reservoir that holds a month or two supply of detergent. Less than 5% of new washers have on-board, multi-day detergent and fabric softener storage.
No Reversible Door - The washer door is fixed and cannot be changed to open from the other side. Only a few brands such as Electrolux and Kenmore offer some washers with reversible door capability.
StackableNot Stackable - Cannot be stacked vertically with a dryer to save space in your laundry room. About 75% of new washers are stackable with their companion dryer. Need extra space in your laundry area?
Kenmore elite oasis washer 28032
Energy Ratings
Energy Star Qualified - Meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR federal criteria of Modified Energy Factor >=2 and Water Factor <=6. Over 90% of new washing machines are now ENERGY STAR qualified.
No Most Efficient Award - Like most new washers on the market, the Kenmore Kenmore 28002 has not earned Energy Star's Most Efficient award and does not pass their toughest criteria for elite efficiency.
128 kWh Annual - Estimated annual electricity use is 20% lower than average and ranks in the top 40% of new washing machines for BETTER kWh usage. Check the Modified Energy Factor for efficiency.
Tier III
CEE Tier III - The Consortium for Energy Efficiency has listed the Kenmore 28002 as a super-efficient appliance. Tier III models are the most efficient with criteria that is significantly greater than Energy Star.
Standard Cold Wash - Does not employ special technologies to help get your clothes really clean on a cold wash cycle. Basic cold wash sometimes works with lightly soiled, unstained clothing.
Not Smart-Grid Capable - Cannot be hooked into your present or future local utility smart-grid and programmed to operate when utility rates are lower. Most new washers are still not smart-grid capable.

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I bought this machine August 31, 2012. It is a White 2775 made in 1957. Serial # 28032. I bought it in the cabinet at Goodwill on their half price day for $10. I was very excited to get it home and tear it apart. The info that I can find on her is that she was made in 1957 and this was the last year in which White made it's machines in the USA. This was also the only year this model was made and only 8,785 were made.
The cabinet as you can see had lots of scuffs on it but I cleaned and lightly sanded before touching it up with a little stain. Now it looks wonderful. You can see a finished photo of the cabinet at the end of this post.

Here it is again before I removed the duct tape.
DryerLooking down at the gunky machine and scratched cabinet.
It had the Buttonholer that looks like it had never been used.
All of the attachments and manuals.
Here she is during the cleaning process..
After the cleaning process..

Kenmore 28062800 Specs

She is a very heavy machine and with a little cleaning, oiling and adjusting, she sews wonderful. She seems to be a little louder than some of the other machines that I have. Not a 'bad' loud just the motor is a little louder than my other White. I like her and I am very happy that I got her for a mere $10.

Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer 28032

Some of the stitches as I was adjusting..

Kenmore 28052

As of right now, I have her sitting in my living room, which she looks a little odd under that big picture. I will probably move her elsewhere when I find a place but I did go ahead and set a plant and some picture frames on her for decoration.
I love finding these older machines and playing with them.

Kenmore 28132 Dryer

Kenmore 28032701