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'Hello! I cannot access my 32GB Lexar memory stick because it says not formatted error problem. When I inserted it to my computer and tried to open the memory stick, Windows XP system reports that disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now. If click Yes to format the memory stick, Windows system pops another message to say Windows was unable to complete the format. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with my memory stick? How can I repair the Lear memory stick not formatted error with data back? Or how to fix raw drive without format?'

Data Is Recoverable from Unformatted Lexar Memory Stick

It is possible to recover data from a Lexar 32GB memory stick even when it needs to be reformatted. What you need to do is to avoid overwriting the memory stick and then use iCare Data Recovery software to extract files off the unformatted memory stick. You can follow the steps below to get back any type of lost files from unformatted Lexar memory stick:

The Lexar USB Format Tool Bootit.exe created by Janaki of the Lexar support team enables users to quickly Format their JumpDrive. Additionally, Lexar’s Format tool includes the ability flip the removable bit of your USB Flash Drive. A feature not commonly seen with such tools. Download USB Flash Driver Format Tool. Formats usb flash drives even with write protection.

Thus, finding a professional USB formatting tool would be a good choice. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is free USB formatting utility that you could rely on. It will help you solve Lexar flash drive not recognized issue by formatting it with a correct file system. Aforementioned file systems are all available. It's a data recovery tool that developed by Lexar itself and has the ability for you to rescue data on your Lexar memory cards or USB Flash drives, you can recover up to three files in DEMO trial mode unless you go to their website to purchase the serial number and then unlock full recovery. Free SD card recovery tool - Bitwar Data Recovery. Usb flash drive repair tool. Usb flash drive repair tool for sandisk kingston Verbatim Transcend Lexar apacer adata Corsair Verbatim pny sp, first to do data recovery, then repair the usb flash drive not detected not working not recognized formatted corrupted damaged unreabable in Windows 10/8/7 pc mac. Use 'unformat' to recover data from usb flash drive repair tool after quick format,full format,accidentally formatted,reformatting,High-level formatting,Low-level formatting.

Step1. Double click iCare Data Recovery and choose a recovery module.

Step2. Choose the unformatted memory stick so that the data recovery program can scan it for lost files.

Step3. You can preview the shown files and then reclaim lost files.


Lexar Usb Repair Tool

If you performed format on the Lexar memory stick before data recovery, you can final chance to restore data after formatting free before adding new files to the memory stick.

32GB Lexar Memory Stick Not Formatting Solution

You need to format memory stick to fix not formatted problem on your Lexar memory stick. You can connect the memory stick to your computer and right click the memory stick, and then you can choose 'Format' option to format the memory stick. When formatting the memory stick, you can quick format it which only takes a few seconds. Or you can also full format the memory stick if you doubt that the memory stick contains any bad sector.

Windows Cannot Format Memory Stick

Cannot complete the format when you attempt to repair the unformatted memory stick? Memory stick is not formatting and shows 0 byte will make you quite upset, especially when you are unable to format the memory stick to fix the error. In this situation, you can run Windows Error-checking tool to check if the memory stick contains bad sectors. If you insist on formatting memory stick, you can also rely on professional format tool.

Lexar Usb Repair Tool Home Depot

Lexar Usb Repair Tool

>> To know the reasons for the problem and how to fix it, please refer to this article - Windows was unable to format memory stick>>

Solution for Other Memory Card Recovery

In addition to memory stick, you can also repair not formatted error on other memory card without losing any data by using the iCare Data Recovery. Generally speaking, you can use the software to recover data from memory card in situations that SD card is in RAW file system, XD card needs to be formatted or CF card is not recognized, etc.

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“Last night, I formatted my Lexar memory card because the computer asked me to format it when I connected the card with the computer. I didn’t know what happened, just lost all my important documents and photos. My friend said I could recover my data by using free Lexar data recovery software. However, I don’t know where to download it. Can you help me?” – Emmon Daley


Most of us don’t make regular backups of important data. That gives data loss a big chance to hurt us. Losing important data from Lexar memory card, for example, is a big problem for users because there is no recycle bin for people to restore the deleted or formatted files. That’s the reason why Lexar users need to a reliable data recovery tool, whether they have lost data or not. Data backup is the best way to avoid data loss and data recovery software is the best option when the data is lost without any backup.

Lexar Data Recovery Freeware

There are several free data recovery programs can help you recover lost data from Lexar memory card or USB drive. Just choose the reliable Lexar data recover freeware to perform data recovery. Here, Do Your Data Recovery Free is a reliable Lexar data recovery freeware program. It can help you completely and easily recover lost data from Lexar memory card, Lexar USB drive, hard drive, or other storage media.

This Lexar data recovery freeware can be installed on Mac or Windows PC. It offers easy and efficient solution to recover all kinds of lost files from targeted media. Do Your Data Recovery Free has two data recovery modes. When users can’t find all lost files after quick scan, they can easily try deep scan mode to deeply scan hard drive again and it will find much more lost files.

How to Use Lexar Data Recovery Freeware To Recover Data?

In order to immediately and completely recover your lost data, please don’t put any new file to the device or hard drive where your data is lost. Free download Lexar data recovery freeware and install it on your PC or Mac. Don’t worry about how to use the software, it is pretty simple to use. Just follow these simple steps to recover your lost data with Lexar data recovery freeware.

Step1: Select a location to start data recovery.

Where you lost your data? Just select the targeted hard drive or device to start data recovery. If you are going to recover lost data from Lexar memory card, you should connect it with your computer.

Step2: Select file types and scan your hard drive.

Lexar data recovery freeware can recover all kinds of lost files. If you want to recover specific file types, just select them and click on “Scan” button to scan your media.

Lexar Usb Recovery Tool

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Step3: Preview and recover lost files.

After scanning, you can preview the files and save the files as you want.

This Lexar data recovery freeware can easily help you recover lost data from memory card, USB flash drive and other device. Of course, it is the reliable Lexar memory card data recovery solution. It not only can recover lost data under Windows, but it is also compatible with all popular macOS or OS X versions.

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Powerful data recovery software to easily recover all lost data within easy steps.

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