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Works for Mass Effect 2 as well, you can see/compare the different sweetfx presets ingame without looking beforehand which the best one is. #2 Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. In Mass Effect 2, the class-specific ability is a passive power that can be further specialized in one of two ways at maximum rank (rank 4). In Mass Effect 3, the class passive works much like it does in Mass Effect 2, only now ranks 4-6 all have two different options for specialization, as do ranks 4-6 on all other available powers. You have to alter the numbers in the RAW section of Gibbed. Go to Raw Tab, click Player (on left side), Head Morph (on the right side) and change the Scalar Parameters (click on the button) of the Highlight1 and Highlight2 from whatever number they are to a higher number, like I went from 4 to 50. Load up Gibbed's, click 'OPEN', navigate to your file and load the (or whichever save you want to start using the headmorph at) - Click Toolbox, Import, navigate to the headmorph file and select it - Click 'SAVE', and it's recommended that you name this save something like or another new name.


Mass Effect 1 Head Morph Tool

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