Mass Effect 3 Default Female Shepard Face Code

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Face Code: 741.L6H.E77.F13.JD1.23W.1GB.111.9F6.616.6G7.175. Let's share face codes! This is a non mod face code for ME3, shes actually pretty attractive, especially in her night dress. The code is slightly modified from ME2 Code because in ME3 the dark brown eye brows became grey, and the hair became black when it should have been brown.

Mass Effect 3 Shepard Codes

It just came to mind , I've never done a Femshep playthrough of this game. As much as I love my generic created Maleshep lol I thought I would try to tackle a female playthrough maybe romance Kaiden
However since I am a's crazy hard for me to make a good female character. Now I'm not saying all men can't do it , it's just I personally can't make a female character. I get so OCD about things , does this hair colour match this make up , does should I thin this make up a bit? should I even wear lipstick---and so on lol.
So what I'm asking is , can someone please share their Femshep's they used throughout the whole series and maybe add the number code if you don't mind >////>
If not then , I suppose I'll just use default femshep.

The red headed female Commander Shepard has been voted the default female appearance in Mass Effect 3. Install hp mediasmart webcam software.


The result was announced on BioWare TV at PAX this weekend. Special guest Jennifer Hale - the voice of 'FemShep' - joined BioWare TV for the reveal.


EA has released official artwork of default FemShep. We've posted it below.

The eye-catching poster of the new FemShep, revealed on stage at PAX, is not yet freely available.

BioWare, following fan fervour, held two rounds of open voting to decide upon the appearance of the default female Commander Shepard. The first round whittled down appearances; the second round chose hair colour.

Mass Effect 3 Default Male Shepard Face Code

The default FemShep will appear on the Collector's Edition Mass Effect 3 box.