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By Princelaharl 5988 tail 2 set is now HERE FOR FREE!! Fairy Tail Cursors by Kutty 5411 Collection of Fairy Tail cursors made from screenshots or chibi versions.

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Miles «Tails» Prower from Sonic. You need to download the RAR to have the cursors in your computer. Animations from the game 'Sonic Mania' I hope you like. Mini Tails Cursor Set by eeveelover64. Mini tails cursors made by KuroNine721 on deviantart & the link 2 them (and h. Look at your cursor. What's the purpose of its tail—the small rectangular portion at the bottom-right? To me, it follows that it would be equally useful without a tail. I can certainly see why its designers would choose a triangle-shaped body, but decision to tack on a tail remains an enigma to me. On Ubuntu Gnome 15.10, my mouse cursor leaves strange 'trails' all around the screen. This happens when the cursor moves over or leaves a dynamic screen element (anything that changes on hover) such as a link or a toolbar button. Here's a quick screencast showing what it looks like (posted on YouTube) Any help to fix this quirk would be.

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Mouse Cursor Tails Mouse

free Tails Doll mouse cursors download
size: 20 kb
Author: SpringsTS
Author’s Notes:
Request for (and thaks to him for doing that), here are the Tails Doll cursors ^^

To install cursors, follow this steps:
_ Extract all files in a temporary folder
_ Right click on the file 'Cursor_installation.inf' and choose 'Install' command (need administrator's rights in Vista and Seven)
_ Open the Windows Control Panel (in the Start menu), and choose Classic view
_ Double-click on 'Mouse'
_ Open 'Pointers' tab
_ Select 'Tails Doll' in the models list, then apply with OK button
_ Enjoy

Original sprites from CyberShadow & Daniel Sidney. Microtek scanmaker 4800 drivers.

Mouse Cursor Tails Gif

Mouse Cursor Tails

Mouse Cursor Extension

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