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Oblivion iso file download

Elder Scrolls Oblivion Iso

Hello fellow DT users. I just recently bought The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition..(that's a mouthful) And figured I could take my laptop and an Image of the disks with me on my trip.. turns out not. Seems that they had decided to reward their faithful patrons with disks protected by SecuROM. (out of the goodness of their hearts I'm sure..)
I was in a rush when I left so I didn't test it beforehand. The images are absolutely superb, however, it seems that SecuROM has found a new way to torment publishers' patrons!
I have tried Alcohol 120%, DT Lite v4.x (newest), DT Lite v4.x (newest) + Y.A.S.U But to no avail..
Is there any way to get around the overbearing presence of the ever hated SecuROM hell spawn?!
P.S. Great job so far DT Dev's I've been a long time user, and have loved it every step of the way. Thanks to anyone who can supply me with any assistance.

Oblivion Iso File Iso

  • That special file ISO is in the computer system long before you even purchase the machine. Most likely, it is being a hidden file with special attributes. Do not tamper with these special files that can render your computer. ISO.SYS & IO.EXE are the ones you should steer clear from.
  • The oblivion 1.0 version.iso file should be mounted to a virtual drive that was made by PowerISO. To check and make sure you did everything right, go to 'This PC' or 'My Computer' depending on windows version, and there should be a drive under 'Devices and Drives' that will say something to the extent of 'CD Drive (E:) Oblivion' the E could be.
Oblivion Iso File

Total Microsoft XBox titles available: 795 (Hosted @ EP: 0, Community Uploaded: 795). Mount the extracted ISO image 3. 1024x768. DirectX 8.1 or later Download Information File Size Not Available File Name External File Popularity. For The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Where is Oblivion's Installation Directory with Steam?'