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O&O Defrag is a powerful and highly configurable hard drive defragmentation package.

At first the program looks much like any other defrag tool. Launch it, and you'll be presented with a list of your drives. Selecting one displays the usual mosaic-style map of its file layout. Then click Start and just watch as O&O Defrag reorganises its files to deliver the maximum possible performance.

This is just the start, though. Do you have multiple drives, for example? Select as many as you like and the program can defragment them all, simultaneously.

You don't have to use one particular defrag strategy, either. Instead, you can have your files organised by their file name, access date, last modified date and more, whatever best suits your needs. Or if that's not enough then you can set up an entirely custom layout scheme which optimises Windows, application files and your user data to deliver the best possible system performance.

As you might guess, this probably isn't the best choice for the PC novice. But it's not overly complex, either. Once you've set O&O Defrag to work as you'd like, it'll run mostly in the background, defragmenting your hard drive automatically as required, while you get on with other things. And because it's so light on resources, and can be configured not to run at all if your system is busy or other heavy-duty programs are running, it's most unlikely to ever get in your way.


O&O Defrag is a powerful and very configurable defrag tool, that will not only correct existing fragmentation problems, but also automatically optimise your hard drive in real time to prevent them from reoccurring in the future

Ó, ó (o-acute) is a letter in the Czech, Emilian-Romagnol, Faroese, Hungarian, Icelandic, Kashubian, Kazakh, Polish, Slovak, and Sorbian languages. This letter also appears in the Afrikaans, Catalan, Dutch, Irish, Nynorsk, Bokmål, Occitan, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Galician languages as a variant of letter “o”. It is sometimes also used in English for loanwords.

Usage in various languages[edit]


In Chinese pinyin ó is the yángpíng tone (阳平, high-rising tone) of 'o'.

Czech and Slovak[edit]

O&o Defrag 23 Serial

Ó is the 24th letter of the Czech alphabet and the 28th letter of the Slovak alphabet. It represents /oː/. Otherworld spring of shadows download.


In Dutch, the acute Ó accent is used to mark different meanings for words, for example voor/vóór ('for' / 'before'), or vóórkomen/voorkómen ('to occur' / 'to prevent').


In Emilian, ó is used to represent [o], e.g. sótt [sotː] 'dry'. In Romagnol, ó is used to represent [oː], e.g. alóra [aˈloːra] 'then'.


Ó is the 18th letter of the Faroese alphabet and represents /œ/ or /ɔuː/.


Ó is the 19th letter of the Icelandic alphabet and represents /oṷ/.


Ó is widely used in Irish where it has various meanings:

  • the prepositionó 'from'
  • the patronymic termÓ 'grandson, (usually male) descendant', first or second cousin' (variants: Ua, Uí, Í Uaí).[1] When Irish names were anglicized, the Ó commonly was either dropped or written as O'.[2][3]
  • the interjectionó 'oh'


In Italian, ó is an optional symbol (especially used in dictionaries) sometimes used to indicate that a stressed o should be pronounced with a close sound: córso[ˈkorso], 'course', as opposed to còrso[ˈkɔrso], 'Corsican' (but both are commonly written with no accent marks when the context is clear). A similar process may occur with é and è, as in *pésca, 'fishing', and *pèsca 'peach', in which the accent mark is not written (both are written as pesca).


Ó is the 23rd letter of the Kashubian alphabet and represents /o/. It also represents /u/ in southern dialects.


Ó is the 25th letter of the Hungarian alphabet. It represents /oː/.


It was proposed in 2018 that Ó should be one of their Latin alphabet to replace Ө and represents /œ/ (or /ʷœ/). The proposal has modified to Ö in the later 2019.


Ó is the 21st letter of the Polish alphabet, and represents /u/.


In Portuguese, ó is used to mark a stressed /ɔ/ in words whose stressed syllable is in an unpredictable location within the word, as in 'pó' (dust) and 'óculos' (glasses). If the location of the stressed syllable is predictable, the acute accent is not used. Ó /ɔ/ contrasts with ô /o/.

Scottish Gaelic[edit]

Ó was once widely used in Scottish, but it has now been largely superseded by 'ò'. It can still be seen in certain writings but is no longer used in standard orthography.

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Ó is used in the Spanish language to denote an 'o' vowel with abnormal stress.


Ó represents /uʊ/ in Upper Sorbian and represents /ɛ/ or /ɨ/ in, especially, Lower Sorbian.


In Vietnamese alphabet ó is the sắc tone (high-rising tone) of “o”.

Character mappings[edit]

Character information
UTF-8195 147C3 93195 179C3 B3
Numeric character referenceÓÓóó
Named character referenceÓó
EBCDIC family238EE206CE
ISO 8859-1/2/3/9/10/13/14/15/16211D3243F3

Key Strokes[edit]

  • Microsoft Windows users can type an “ó” by pressing Alt+0243 on the numeric pad of the keyboard. [4] “Ó” can be typed by pressing Alt+0211
  • In Microsoft Word, pressing Ctrl+’ (apostrophe), then O will produce the character ó. Pressing Ctrl+’ (apostrophe), then ⇧ Shift+O will produce the character Ó. [5] Remember to not press shift before apostrophe, as that will not type this character.

See also[edit]

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