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I do not know any method to do this by just modifying the pdf. Rotation
by modifying the pdf is restricted to 90°, 180°, 270° AFAIK
The only way to do what you need is to render the pdf to a bitmap,
rotate the bitmap, and write the rotated bitmap to a pdf.
However this could be done in one command (in the command prompt or a
batch file) if you install ImageMagick and GhostScript.
The following command calls ImageMagick's convert which in turn uses
Ghostscript to convert the pdf to bitmap and the bitmap to pdf
(command is here broken into three lines but must be entered in one
command line):
convert -density 300 tilted.pdf -rotate 1.5 -alpha off -monochrome
-units PixelsPerInch -page 2480x3508 -density 300
-compress Group4 corrected.pdf
The options 'density', 'page' and 'monochrome' / 'colorspace' must be
set according to the original pdf and what you want the result to be,
the option 'rotate' defines the rotation angle in degrees (here 1.5 deg
clockwise, use negative number for counter-clockwise), and the option
'compress' must match the image type ('Group4' for monochrome, 'jpeg'
for color).
I had to experiment with the settings to achieve an output pdf with a
file size and resolution comparable to the original. ImageMagick tends
to create output files much larger than the input.
Wilfried Hennings
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Few daysago I was trying to edit an important pdf file and didn't have any pdf editorinstalled in my PC. So I looked in to some free online options. I was able tofigure out 2 good options PDFescape andPDFZen.
Let mespecify usage, pros and cons of these editors.

  1. Today, Red Software announces a new 'Deskew' tool for its free PDF editor, PDFescape. As many people know, scanned documents don't always come out as perfect PDFs. One of the most common problems, a skewed page. We're proud to announce that PDFescape now provides a free solution to that problem! PDFescape's new free PDF straightening tool.
  2. You can activate PDFescape Desktop on any computer. Your product is managed through an account. By signing in on your new PC, you'll be able to validate your product right away. Step 1: Choose Sign In.
  3. Straighten or deskew a slanted, tilted, lopsided, or crooked pdf document in 20 seconds using Adobe Acrobat. Simple hack.Use the Enhance scan or Optimize pdf.

Deskew Pdf Escape

You can use PDFescape Desktop on different computers. However you can only use it on one at a time. Xperia r800i firmware. Each time you go to use PDFescape Desktop on a new machine it will log you out of any others you are.

How to use:
Go to http://www.pdfescape.com/open/. Click 'Upload PDF to PDFescape' to use a pdf available on the pc or click 'Load PDF from Internet' to use a pdf by specifying URL .Clicking on 'Upload PDF to PDFescape' will open up 'UploadFile' dialog box. Click Choose File button and select the required pdffile, click Upload button, it will take some time to upload the file. In case of loading from internet a 'Load URL' dialog will be opened. When fileis loaded successfully use various editing options on the left side ofbrowser.
Deskew pdf escape
  • Create new PDF document
  • Annotate Documents with stickly notes and highlights
  • Powerful editing tools including Text, Image, Link, Freehand, Whiteout, Form field, Line Arrow, Rectangle, Circle, Checkmark
  • Select and copy text from editor
  • Page editing includes Move, Delete, Rotate right, Rotate left, Append, Crop, Deskew, Restore All
  • Form filling
  • Password protect pdf files
  • Documents sharing
  • Saving and printing
  • No watermarks
  • PDF upload using URL or file from computer
  • Supported Browsers : Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Chrome, Safari 2+, Opera 9.5+
  • Changes made by whitingout any text field added by Acrobat XI is lost when saved.
  • No option to addsignature but as a workaround image can be used.
  • Opens document with 100or fewer pages. Only Premium members can open files containing up to 200 pages.
  • Tab is not working intext, need to press space multiple times.
  • No Google Drive orDropBox support
  • No facebook, linkedin,twitter or email support, however sharing option generates a link which can be shared to any network. So this support is not entirely missing.
  • Moving of text andsticky note after creation sometimes doesn't work.

Go to https://pdfzen.com/static/open .Click 'Open File' button, it will open up 'Open PDF'option. Either specify a url or file from computer to open, wait for some timebefore the file is opened. Editing options will be available on the top of thebrowser, Actions option is available on top right corner.
  • Editing options include text, comment, highlight, draw.
  • Ability to move comments and text.
  • Document sharing using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Fax and email.
  • Supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, ODF and RTF.
  • Can download original or updated document.
  • Google Drive support.
  • Support to duplicate the document.
  • Can upload large PDF files, tested up to 50 MB.
  • No DropBox support.
  • Comments added are only visible through PDFZen.
  • No ability to resize the signature.
  • No support for text and comments coloring.
  • No printing support
  • No support to add geometrical objects like line, rectangle, circle etc.
  • No page editing support.
  • Unsuccessful loading of most pdf files.
  • No page number information.

Pdfescape Deskew