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This the story of a young man or young woman who becomes a Police Officer in the Hoenn region. WARNING: There’s a lot of violence, death and stuff described/depicted in this game. If you’re uncomfortable with it that, than this game probably isn’t for you.


Name: Pokemon CAWPS
Type: GBA
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English
Creator: Crizzle
Version: Completed
Updated: August 13 2016

Pokemon Cawps Cheat Codes


  • Play as a cop!
  • Get 2 starter Pokemon
  • “Funny” dialogue
  • Grinding Cave- a cave created for grinding levels
  • No Gym Challenge or Pokemon League
  • Trade evolutions are by moon stones. Eevee evolves into Umbreon with Moon Stone and Espeon wiht Sun stone


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Pokemon cawps cheat codes

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Pokemon Cawps Cheat Codes

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