Punch Home & Landscape Design Professional V19

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Sparkling punch. Kid-friendly punch. Get crowd-pleasing refreshments for showers, weddings, and parties. Premium v19 is a popular option on the higher end of the price range. It's in the top 3 bestselling home design programs and has quite a few popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Virtual Architect Ultimate 8.0 or Nova Ultimate Home Design.

Download Punch Professional Home Design Platinum Suite for Windows to import real-life photos of your house, and create new interior and landscape designs.

By: Matt Last updated June 2, 2017

9.0 / 10

Punch Home & Landscape Design Professional V19

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Punch Home & Landscape Design Professional V19 Cs6

  • 45 Sample plans
  • Landscaping tools with more than 4000 different vegetation items


  • You can’t make curved walls
  • The roofing feature requires manual correction


Although it lacks some features that would make it an even more alluring product, Punch Home & Landscape Design Essentials is still an exceptional home design software. It offers almost 50 floor samples you can use as rough sketches and add as many new rooms as you’d like. Although it’s not the biggest in our review, the objects library has more than 4,500 different household items you can use in your design.

Punch Home & Landscape Design Professional V19 Tool


Although it didn’t finish in our top three selection, like it’s Premium counterpart, Punch Home & Landscape Design Essentials is still a very good home design software. It has a very small learning curve and it offers many features and tools that will help you in the creation of your perfect home.

The Basics

When you first open the program, the app shows you several video tutorials you can watch to familiarize yourself with your new design software. Punch Home & Landscape Design Essentials has a QuickStart menu that is there to help you initially with the basics of floor planning. The menu lets you choose from the 45 sample plans it has in the database, or it lets you create a blank new one. If you go with one of the premade floor plans, you can change them in any way you like. The feature allows you to drag and drop any room or object into the plan, which you can then fully customize to your liking. You can also tear down, or create new walls if you see a need for it. This software features an objects library with more than 4,700 different items such as appliances, furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Once you decide to put a certain object into a room, the software automatically creates a very high definition 3D version of the room which you can view by clicking on the 3D preview button in the corner of your window. Although it might seem purely aesthetical, this feature is very useful since it gives you a preview of how your room will look like in reality. The 2D planning feature is a little less sophisticated though. It does the job well, but the 2D symbols could be a bit more detailed and it would be convenient if you could export your 2D plans, like you can the 3D ones. The cost estimator is also a useful feature since it records the materials you use as you progress with the plan and then when you finish it gives you a rough estimate of the final cost of your project. Although it might not be extremely precise, looking at it from time to time is a good way of staying in your designated budget.

Punch home & landscape design professional v19 free

Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have the option of creating curved walls which some users might find to be a problem if they wanted to create a more unconventional design. This 3D home design software also has a roofing wizard, but it unfortunately requires manual correction if the floor plan is anything but rectangular or square.

Interior and Landscape Design

To complete your dream home, you’re going to have to design the area around it with as much care as you did the interior. Punch Home & Landscape Design Essentials has many topography tools that let you manipulate the land around the main building on the plan. With this tool you can add vegetation, create fountains, pools and fences. You can also design a deck or a patio if that is something you think your home needs. Punch Home & Landscape Design Essentials’ plant library stores more than 4000 different types of flowers, shrubs and trees you can plant around your property. All of the objects are easily customizable in case you want to change something.


  • Sketchup Import
  • Shutter Tool
  • Material Editor
  • Panning in 3D
  • QuickStart
  • Auto Framing
  • Auto Roof Gables
  • SmartWand™
  • Cabinet Designer
  • Cost estimator

Price: $49.99

Website: www.punchsoftware.com/p-146-punch-home-landscape-design-essentials-v19.aspx

Bruce springsteen's band. Support: support.encore.com

Additionally, to the in-app guides you can access, the Punch website has a very useful FAQ page you can visit for the most commonly asked questions. If you still can’t resolve your issue, you can contact a customer representative via phone or email.

Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.

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Punch Home & Landscape Design Professional V19 Free

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Punch Home & Landscape Design Professional V19

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