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RogueRogue One Soundtrack TorrentRogue One Soundtrack Torrent

Rogue One Soundtrack Torrent

RogueRogue One Soundtrack Torrent

Star Wars Rogue One Soundtrack Torrent

FINALLY! Bluray/dvd ISO files are available!


Wow, this took a really long freaking time. I'm sorry about that. Life has been so crazy this past year for me and I had no time to wrap this baby up until now.
So if you head over to the DOWNLOADS PAGE, you will see a digital copy along with brand-new DVD and Bluray ISO files! And I even created custom box art for both versions! The Bluray ISO is really awesome too..definitely worth the 13gb download. Both versions include the actual fan edit, along with interactive menus, scene selections, and a few special features. Here is a preview of the DVD Menu on YouTube.
The only bad news is that I was unable to create a 5.1 Surround version of this edit. Adobe Premiere Pro lost the Dolby Digital license, along with any easy or reasonable way to export a surround file that I am aware of. I tried rolling back my version of Premiere but it corrupted my project file, so unfortunately I am stuck. If something develops and I am able to export a 5.1 version of the edit, I will certainly let you all know.
AGAIN- please make sure you legally own Rogue One already before downloading this edit! Feel free to contact me for questions, comments, etc.
Thanks again for your patience, and May the Force be with You (I had to!).

May the 4th be with you. The Battle of Scarif is now available!


It's May 4, and that means that Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif is now available for download! Again, please make sure that you already legally own a copy of Rogue One before downloading. This fan edit would not have been possible if it weren't for the actual film and all the people who worked hard to bring it to life.
There are two options available- torrent link and a direct download via MEGA. Remember, the torrent will go quicker as more people seed it! I may make additional options available soon, but the torrent and MEGA links should be enough for now. Visit the Downloads Page here.
The Battle of Scarif is just under 50 minutes long, making it a nice little companion piece to the original theatrical release. Alternatively, you could watch this right before A New Hope! The main point of this edit is to focus on the epic battle sequence from Rogue One, while also adding elements to make it fit in more with the other Star Wars films. This means, among other things:
  • An opening text crawl, which summarizes the events of Rogue One leading up to the battle of Scarif.
  • Insertion of several music cues from John Williams. About 50-60% of the film's score is now comprised of classic Star Wars cues.
  • Classic Star Wars sound effects added in certain places, along with a few old-school wipe transitions.
  • Other cuts and adjustments to scenes throughout the battle, either to fit the new music cues or to pace the film a bit differently. For example, there isn't as much back-and-forth cutting between all the different characters anymore. This may have originally been to make the film seem more exciting, but it also made it difficult to follow the action at times.
  • The film ends exactly as it did in the original version, making it a perfect segue into A New Hope.

Hopefully you enjoy this edit- AFTER you've made sure you own a copy of the original film, of course. And please leave comments or feedback!

Rogue One: THe Battle of Scarif overview

4/6/2017 Spiritjb com 3.1 3 pcie.

Hi everyone! So I thought I was done with fanedits after making J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Guess not! For my second fanedit, I’ve decided to make a version of Rogue One that revolves entirely around the Battle of Scarif. This was the most exciting sequence in the film by far, and I feel would make for an exciting short film.
In order to make The Battle of Scarif stand on its own (meaning you wouldn’t necessarily need to see all of Rogue One to understand what happens in this cut), I’m making the following edits and adjustments:
  • Insertion of an opening crawl (of course!). It will summarize the events that occur during the course of Rogue One that lead to the Scarif battle.
  • First scene of the film is the confrontation between Krennic and Darth Vader, with some adjusted dialogue for Vader.
  • The Rebels will still bicker over going to war, but this stuff will be trimmed. As will Cassian’s super long monologue about the Rebellion.
  • I never found myself that invested in Rogue One’s characters to begin with, so a number of “character” scenes and lines will be adjusted. The main focus of the edit will be the battle itself and the actual recovery of the Death Star plans.
  • Insertion of classic Star Wars music cues from John Williams. I’ve been going through the entire saga OST and will be dropping tracks where appropriate. Most people have agreed that Giacchino’s score just didn’t cut it. Not that I totally blame him; apparently he had 3-4 weeks to write and conduct everything.
  • Various SFX enhancements. This is big. Because I’m adding new music cues throughout the film, this means that I have to remove some of Giacchino’s cues. Unfortunately the music sometimes bleeds across the 5.1 audio channels with the sound effects, meaning that I’ve had to rebuild the sound design for entire scenes where John Williams’ music is now. This has been by far the most time-consuming part of the edit, but thankfully there are some really great Star Wars SFX libraries online that I’ve been able to use for this.
  • A light sprinkling of those old-school wipes and transitions from the other Star Wars films. Why not?
  • The film ends with Vader slicing and dicing Rebel scum, and watching as the Tantive IV flies away. Leia’s scene has been cut.
  • With credits and everything, the runtime of the edit will be around 45-50 minutes.

So there you go. If you’re in the mood to watch Rogue One but would rather skip the attempts at character development and Forest Whitaker’s pet tentacle monster, pull up Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif and jump straight to the ‘splosions. As with my Hobbit fanedit, The Battle of Scarif will be edited in HD with 5.1 surround sound to ensure the highest possible audio/visual quality. I'm already 80-90% finished with the edit, and will likely release it in the next few weeks. In the meantime, head over to the VIDEOS PAGE where I'll be uploading scene excerpts for your enjoyment. Thanks!

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