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ItemDB is a website that brings together information about RuneScape items, including the ID, to help you spend less time searching and more time gaming. Your search for lobster returned 14 results. ITEM ID ITEM NAME. Granite lobster pouch: 484: 12070: Granite lobster pouch: 484: 20908: Raw lobster: 654: 31084: Divine lobster bubble: 803: 34704. Lobsters, swordfish and sharks are found in the ocean, while more exotic fish such as manta rays and sea turtles are only found in the deep ocean. Fish are a very popular type of food in RuneScape because higher level fish like lobster and swordfish restore lots of health, and are relatively cheap.

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We all know that fishing is one of the core gathering skillsin RuneScape. It naturally involves (surprise!)catching fish. But do you know how to effectively farm RuneScape Gold with it?Fishing levels allow for the utilization of different mechanisms of Fishing aswell as the ability to catch a larger selection of fish, making it one of themore complicated skills to learn and to try making money off of. Furthermore,fishing is also a great way to replenish your health since caught fish may becooked through the Cooking skill to createfood which can be used to regain health lost during strenuous combat sessions.
Let’s take a look at how to make the most out of fishing withour RuneScape Fishing Guide.

Buy Outfits

Wearing components of the fishing outfit gives a boost inthe amount of base experience gained while fishing. There are four pieces inthe set: the hat, jacket, waders, and boots. Theseitems can be purchased for 140 rewardtokens each from the Fish Flingersmini-game. Altogether, the set’s pieces will cost you about 560 tokens. Be sure to wear all of thepieces to gain an additional set bonus effect!
Shark outfits are exceptional for fishing. Parts of sharkoutfits can be created from sharkfragments which you can receive when fishing with at least level 70Fishing. You can then assemblethe parts into an outfit when you reach level 80 at Fishing and level 20 atInvention. There are three shark outfits: the shark outfit, burnt sharkoutfit, and the tiger shark outfit.They all consist of a head slot, body slot, leg slot, hand slot, and feet slot. When wearing a completeversion of any of these three outfits, you get to gain additional perks. One ofwhich increases your chance of catching fish up to 5%. Plus, Living Rockcreatures in the Living Rock Cavernwill no longer behave aggressively towards you. Also, if you own a complete setof any of the three shark outfits, you will receive a 5% increase base experience effect while wearing it.

Summon Familiar

There are three Summoningfamiliars available which invisibly boost a player’s Fishing level whensummoned are the granite crab, ibis, and granite lobster. This does not let you access higher-level content,but it will allow you to fish at a slightly faster rate. The granite lobstergives an additional benefit when foraging for raw sharks and swordfish whileyou’re fishing, and you will also be awarded 10% of the Fishing experience you would have received if you caught thefish yourself without summoning your familiar’s for help.

When using a perfect juju fishing potion, it will increaseyour chance of catching a fish by 5%.Each dose of this potion lasts for about an hour. The potion can be bought fromthe Grand Exchange, but you can alsoopt to create these potions to alleviate costs. To create the perfect jujufishing potion, simply combine 10 harmonydustswith3 juju fishing potions.Take note that you can only create these if you are level 92 at Herblore.

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Gather and Sell
If you have tons of fish lying around and don’t really knowwhat to do with them, why not make a quick buck and sell some? After all,players need food to heal, thus making food (in this case, fish) a market withmassive demand. We advise you to not sell your fish to general stores orstores, but instead to sell them to other players directly. The Grand Exchangeand our items section here in our RuneScape page are the best places to sellfish for RuneScape Gold.

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