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Rob and Kelly Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Surfing’s Greatest High Five

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  • Go Surf Assist is an aftermarket surf system designed for wakesurfing that allows you to integrate the setup into any current inboard wakeboard boat.
  • Have you heard of CSGO surfing? Have you watched some of your favorite Twitch.TV players like JoshOG surf and wanted to do it yourself? You are about to learn what you need to know to get started!

For all online orders, our fulfillment center is temporarily closed and we are not currently taking orders. Thank you for your patience. How to Surf in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How to Surf in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Ever wanted to become a pro surfer or became curious what those surf maps are all about? With this article we will look at the basics of surfing.

And The Inertia's 5th birthday!

Leah Dawson Might Save Women’s Surfing


“My biggest compliment is not that I surf like a man, but that I surf like a woman.”

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By dealing with the death of his brother through a heroin overdose, Alex Gray personifies the resilience of the human spirit in chasing the ocean's outer limits through surfing giant waves.

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HI-5: The True Story of Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, and Surfing’s Greatest Heat

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The true story behind one of the most iconic moments in surfing: Rob Machado and Kelly Slater's high five.