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3D interactive simulation of a DJ setup, allowing users to crossfade, backspin, and change the speed of full-length WAV and MP3 files. Versions available for Windows and Macintosh. DJ Trace & Tactile (2) DJ Trace & Tactile (2) - Body Move / In My Brain 3 versions Commercial Suicide. Hercules DJ Control MP3 allows you to experience the real tactile sensations of DJing. With two jog wheels emulating two vinyl turntables, a cross fader slider and two volume sliders, eight EQ and pitch knobs and 28 action buttons, you can really heat things up at your parties! The Tactile12000 is a visual DJ setup for MP3 files on your Mac or PC. It's built using Macromedia Director and a plug-in written in C. Visit www.tactile12000.com for more information. If you have problem downloading tactile12000 mp3 dj ware, stop using your download manager and download directly from browser.

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A DJ Controller provides you with hands-on, tactile control over DEX 3andDEX 3 REDJ mixing software.

DJ controllers are MIDI controllers or USB-to-analog devices used for controllingDJ software, and can typically be installed on a MAC or Windows PC or laptop – or in some cases a tablet device. Many DJ Controllers come equipped with an Audio Interface built in for pre-fade listening, so no need for any additional hardware – Just install the drivers for your DJ controller, plug it in and select your audio output configuration in our DJ softwareand you’re ready to rock the event!

Tactile12 application is a 3-D, interactive simulation of a DJ setup - two turntables and a mixer.

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Tactile Mp3 Dj Download

Tactile12 application is a 3-D, interactive simulation of a DJ setup - two turntables and a mixer.
You can crossfade, backspin, and speed up and slow down music, including full-length WAVE and MP3 songs, on your computer. It is a cross-platform application for both Windows and Macintosh.
You can use it to mix like a DJ or let it mix your MP3 playlist automatically.
Here are some key features of 'Tactile12':

Tactile Mp3 Dj
  • support for mixing music from your hard drive, including MP3 files
  • cueing with headphones (it can play back the cue record on the left channel)
  • keyboard controls for the turntables and mixer
  • more precise control of the mixer and records
  • Tactile mp3 dj software
  • pitch bending and cue points
  • Tactile Mp3 Dj

    autoMix: automatic mixing of your playlist Tactile


    Download Tactile12000 2.1.1

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    Tactile12000 2.1.1
    Tactile Pictures
    Tactile12 application is a 3-D, interactive simulation of a DJ setup - two turntables and a mixer.

    Tactile Mp3 Dj Software

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    Tactile12 application is a 3-D, interactive simulation of a DJ setup - two turntables and a mixer.

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