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Download Tekken 4 for PC: Tekken 4 for PC is the latest improved version of Tekken series. The core feature of this game is about fighting and thrill. The very first time the feature of walled stages is introduced in Tekken series. Many significant changes are made in Tekken 4 for PC for better their overall functionality. With the introduction of walled stages, characters can utilize the walls to done extra damage against their opponents. Now players can also move around the wall in order to escape from the disaster.

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The quality of the graphics of Tekken 4 for PC is the major improvement in this game.

Play the infamous TEKKEN on your android phone and indulge in the world famous brawls of the superstars. Download APK file now and enjoy it on your phone.

Tekken 5 APK is the most famous video game for android mobile and tablets. Millions of gamers want this game on their mobiles and enjoy their latest features that are very wonderful. The development team of Tekken 5 continuing the improvement in the era of fighting games. It is truly exciting to play and simple to download by following a straight forward method. Tekken 4 PC Game is a fighting video game developed and published by Namco as the fifth main part of the Tekken series. It was released as an arcade game in 2001 and on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Tekken 4 download for pc received a generally positive feedback. Its continuation, Tekken Five, was launched in. 4 Pull down the Notification panel from the top of the screen and tap 1279Tekken 5.apk 5 Click install and run from the applications menu for Tekken 5 For IOS android Download Recommended apps. In order to download Tekken 4 APK on your mobile phone just follow the simple procedure, and start enjoying the game. Before starting the installation, turn off the mobile data and Wifi. Extract the obb zip file from the location of sdcard/Android/obb or you may also copy this file.

Tekken 4 Download Apk Mobile

  • The surface of the game is much smoother now.
  • Increase the effects of light and increase the brightness of the light.
  • Implement the phenomena of Dynamic Physics.
  • The costume of the characters changes now.
  • Introducing High Definition HDTV.
  • The Design of the background is awesome.
  • Add so many natural effects like the water effect.
  • Animation of the characters is remarkable.
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Tekken 4 for PC also includes the feature of Mini-Game which is known as Tekken Force. In this game, you have to fight in four different stages until you fight against the Master Heihachi. Tekken 4 for PC is a beautifully designed game and adding martial art techniques.

Following are the main features of Tekken 4 for PC. With the improvement of many features and adding some new features really enhance the level of the game.

  • Best fighting game
  • Introduced wall stages
  • Improving the fighting techniques and tactics
  • Every character has a unique fighting style and skills
  • Escape from the disaster by switching their position quickly.
  • Graphics quality is much smoother.
  • Mokujin character has been replaced by Combat.
  • 23 characters introduced.
  • Every character now has two costumes.
  • A mini-game Tekken Force included.
  • Many hurdles are included during the fighting like trees, phone boots, stones for extra damages.

Before, one player could back up until the camera compartment into a far view before dashing at their for full speed. It was a basic methodology used by the arcade cleans who couldn’t recall their ten-strings or pitiful hits. That limit has still made it into the Tekken 4 APK, be that as it may, its sensibility shared qualities have been remarkably lessened and the compliment on the straight-ahead engaging is empowered on the record of the room based stages.

Tekken 4 Download Apk

The console version of Tekken 4 for PC incorporates a smaller than expected game “piece”, accessible from the earliest starting point, called Tekken Force. Like the last smaller than expected game found in Tekken 3, it speaks to a player with a point of view on his shoulder, fighting the wave after the War of Tekken Heihachi through 4 phases, at last looking to Heihachi himself. The player can reestablish wellbeing and quality by battling the floods of adversaries. In the small scale game, it was found that Tekken Force has a few positions in the association, which shows itself in an alternate measure of opposition, quality, and capacities. The new Story mode in the opening form opens the scenes during playback, not at all like the last portions wherein the scenes were opened in Arcade mode.

The sound nature of Tekken 4 for PC is the most valuable update of the Tekken games. The sound of the game is flooding with piano keys and horns. This sound vigorously helps the beginning to remember the first Tekken. Tekken 4 for PC is about delight, being in loosen up the state of mind. It includes such a large number of soundtracks like jazz riff and some more.

Tekken 4 Download Apk

  • The soundtrack does not interrupt during the match.
  • Sound only appear at the beginning and end of the play
  • Sounds of every character match with their speaking pattern.
  • English voice is used

Tekken 4 For Windows 10

Some are the basic requirements that are essential before installing the Tekken 4 for PC on your system.

  • Supporting all Operating system like XP/ Vista/ 7/8
  • CD/DVD Rom
  • Video card 64 MB
  • Minimum processor required is 1 GHz
  • Minimum Ram requirement is 1 GB
  • Required space on the hard disk is about 3 GB
  • Keyboard and mouse for operating the commands
  • Sound card