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'Trees must use the Nature/Soft Occlusion Leaves and Nature/Soft Occlusion Bark shader. In order to use those shaders you also have to place the tree in a special folder that contains the name 'Ambient-Occlusion'. When you place a model in that folder and reimport it, Unity will calculate soft ambient occlusion specialized for trees. Tree Nature Shader Well my plans when I was developing the Design of my Game was to make some trees had glowing leaves (alien trees), so I modeled the tree and at first Transparent Unlit seemed good, but the problem was that unlit was one-faced only,then the Nature Tree Soft Occlusion leaves had it's good side because were two-faced, but it.

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Nature Soft Cell

Nature soft salt cellNature soft cell

Unity Nature Soft Occlusion Shader 1.12.2

'tree[d]is free to use, and you can include the trees you make in your ownprojects, commercial or free, as long as they are not model packs,texture packs, 3D model generators, or texture generators.'
But looks like it could be a good resource for some games.'
Download it here
post on it, including a link to a video
I made this 772 poly tree in tree_d, using a branch texture from textures.com, free if they're in a game.
If you load up tree[d]
the default tree is 12000 polys and each leaf poly is just that, 1 leaf. Note you can

if you want to see an entire branch (these branches aren't too goodthough), or load your own to get an idea. Saw
this too late for this tutorial. I'd have tried different leafpositions to see what fit my fir branch best. At this point you can
see if it loads into Unity like it is, just put a Nature/tree softocclusion shaders on the leaves and branches.
Here's one with bigger leaves and the tree[d] branch texture
Here it is as an obj imported from Tree[d] with tree[d] textures 3000 polys

tree d default leaves.jpg
I couldn't figure out how to make it stop weaving, getting seasick
BTW, ctrl-W is wireframe view, mouse buttons zoom and rotate
First on trunk I change radial segs-the number of polys making up the trunk 'roundness' and trunk radius

the bend 'up' and 'down' appear to tip the tree over if you put in 23degrees, etc. 'normal' keeps it in the ground, interesting, but
I don't use it this trip.
branches_rendered, actually went for 5 branches and 5 sub
here are my leaf settings 10 leaves, very large, to accommodate our textures.com branch.

Next you need a collider, which is a box which fits around the
tree trunk so the player doesn't go through it. For a vertical tree trunk,
just make a box collider in Unity,for non-box trunks- if you have MeshMaker or MeshToolkit
you can move the box's vertices in Unity. If not, make the collider (I'd
use a box,) in Blender. I export it as a separate object, you'll have to
make it a child of the actual tree mesh in order to prefab it.
Here's one I made in Unity with MeshMaker, I can delete the polys
on the ends.

This is how to set it up as a collider

If you need other slanty colliders, duplicate this one before you
child it and then make it a prefab, then you can use it with other trees.
To edit it in Blender do this:
Save it as tree_test, then export an obj. Go /file/import/import obj in blender 275a I'm using
You can move the branches around in Blender and get the trunk a little rounder.
import obj

When you import, you won't be able to TAB into edit mode until you goto outliner and select the subdirectory shown, no idea why, but if you've used Blender at all, it won't surprise you.
Select all the verts with AKEY and TKEY menu remove doubles, removed 243 or so.
The leaves we're using aren't ready. Open up gimp (free) and importfrom /nature/ branches of textures.com
Branches0013_1_S.png 940k

It should also have the bottom just 1 stem, but I don't fix it. It's also 1024x974, so we go
gimp_image_canv_size_center to make it 1024 square
File/ export, now in blender save the imported obj to a blend file (mine is/models/blender_models/trees/tree_d_test2/fir_tree)
copy texture there
also copy wood12 from the tree_d program /textures
Here's the material for the trunk, I've already loaded the wood12 texture

leaf08png, look at material and click on the texture slot, red and white checkerboard icon
load the branches0013
back in material (round gold icon) check 'transparency'.

The tree is all 1 mesh, we have to separate it -PKEY- to texture, then-CTRL-J-, join to join so Unity will swallow it, can't make a
paintable tree unless it has a mesh renderer, and an empty
Game Object parent with 'branches' and 'leaves' children doesn't have
a mesh renderer, Unity can't see the children's mesh renderers.

Now start selecting the leaves in edit/ face mode and hitting the HKEY hide until they're all hidden.
click, rightmousebutton, HKEY

middle mouse wheel zooms and rotates, alt_mmb pans view
now bkey box select the trunk with the backfaces showing
move trunk aside with GKEY XKEY ,alt- h unhide leaves,

select one or the other sets and PKEY separate by selection,
in object mode move trunk back
It should already be mapped. Note you can just swap the leaves for adifferent look. This isn't the best leaves, firs don't grow like that,but
I'm fresh out.
select 1 item
shift select the 2nd, CTRL-J join
Now this tree is insanely too large so SKEY it down to about .2 on x y z, I use the NKEY menu and type in the scale numbers
get tree in edit mode, AKEY select all, locate the pivot point dot and move the mesh to the dot.
Go back to object and move it to 0,0,0.

CTRL-aapply scale, location, and rotation transform. If you don't the treewill be sideways and you can't paint it on the terrain.
export to .FBX make sure you check 'experimental! apply transform'
Atip: Get the free Autodesk FBX converter if you want to get FBX from Unity(and anywhere else it has ASCII fbx) to Blender, which only loadsBinary FBX.
Fiddle with the material settings with the light on and off, mostly on which is game conditions.

Next, drag it into your project under /prefabs/environment/tree_prefabs, then add it to your terrain library.


Do these trees look as good as tree creator trees?
3 tree_d_trees, the polys are 3000,
1495, and 772.
These non-symmetrical trees should be instanced as game objects, they look bad painted on
the terrain. I use GAIA from the Unity Asset store to 'paint' tree game objects rotated at different
angles so they don't all look alike. Or drag them in 1 by 1 and rotate each one, slower.
here's a couple of tree creator trees from 'Korean Trees', free on Asset store, each about 5000 polys, I'm
shooting for this look with 2000 polys.

You can't edit tree creator
trees in Blender. You can make low poly trees with it though. 1 thing
to remember, the leaf textures will have a white fringe around the edges
which is a big PITA to get rid of, you have to have Photoshop.
Also the textures go into some 'optimized leaf material' after you assign
them as tree creator leaves.
I looked at Gaia's 2 speed creator trees level,(free with Unity standard assets) with nothing in the scene
except these trees and some hi-poly rocks, my quad core Intel 460
graphics got 15fps

Note the batches 2866, Tris 3.5 MILLION
My Bogwood level, which you can see in 'gaia_notes' tut, only trees and
a few rocks, was 747 batches I think with 348 saved by batching)
My fps was 114 -150 fps, using fog.
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