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WeGame solely handles the transactions and collects payments for the tickets sold by the “event organizer”. Therefore, You will be buying your ticket from the “event organizer” while WeGame only acts as the provider of sale services for your purchase. WeGame is an official Tool For Pubg Mobile Players Without Ads. This App Provide you One-Click Boosting, Which Clean the Resources Including Storage and Ram. Which Affect the Speed of Game. WeGame X is currently considered an Early Access service, and it shows. There are only 17 titles at present, most of them indies and few of them recognizable to non-Chinese gamers. WeGame is the flagship game portal of the Chinese company Tencent. In April 2017, Tencent unveiled WeGame which will host games, content, and services from all over the world and will provide gaming info, purchases, downloads, live streaming and community services, creating an open ecosystem for gaming.

Tencent has quietly made its storefront, WeGame, available outside of China as WeGame X.

Wegame storeWegame Store

As Abacus reported last week (thanks PCGamesN), the store is currently in Early Access globally, with a drop down menu at the top of the website’s home page making it available in English.

The website’s offering is very reduced, with only 30 games available (most of them from Chinese companies) at the time of writing.

Talking to Abacus, a Tencent’s spokesperson said: “WeGame X is a product WeGame is testing to serve its global users. We hope with the maturation of this product, we can bring more Chinese games overseas to cater to multiple gamer demographics.”


This is just the latest initiative from gaming giant Tencent to expand internationally, with recent announcements including a collaboration with Razer, among many others.Hindi typing number code chart.

Wegame Streaming

Tencent announced launched its WeGame store back in April 2017, rebranding its Tencent Games Platform with a clear intention to expand internationally.