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Witcher 3 Gwent Card Dealer List

Sets the strength of all Ranged Combat cards to 1 for both players. Two are part of the base deck 1 is a random reward from gwent players: Mysterious Elf: Hero: 0 Spy: Place on your opponent's battlefield (counts towards opponent's total) and draw 2 cards from your deck. Hero: Not affected by any Special Cards or abilities. Download The Gwent Card Dealer. More The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Mods. This mod adds a new Gwint Card innkeeper salesman, who will sell 81 Gwint Cards. He won't sell any. Gwent morale boost cards add +1 strength to all units in the row in which they are played, excluding themselves. The point is added on after all other abilities (e.g. 3 matching tight bond cards will multiply to get their bonus first, then get a point each from morale booster). Witcher 3 Expansion Pack Official Gwent Card Set: Hearts Of Stone & Blood & Wine. Condition is 'Like New'. Will ship same day if before 3pm central. This is only the Gwent cards and not the expansion packs, I already redeemed the expansions years ago. These Gwent cards have never been used and the sets are in excellent condition.

Patch Notes from 1.08 and earlier has been moved to the Archived Notes page (this information has not been relevant for many years now).
Excel Sheet download, a link to Card Deck printable sheet and link to Armor/Weapons Dashboard can also be found there.

Note on cards that were missing in original game (Patch v1.08 and earlier): These are in fact available but have not been added to checklist. This is because they are not required for Achievement/Trophy. This list has been working for >5years and may have helped hundrends of thousands of achievement hunters, for now I've decided to leave the list as is, but may add them in for completeness in the future. These include but may not be limited to:
Albrich (2 of 2), Clear Weather (3 of 3), Torrential Rain (3 of 3), Ballista (2 of 2)
Special thanks to all who have e-mailed in with kind words and to provide feedback on the availability of these cards.

Gwent is a Witcher 3 mini game. It is a collectable card game similar to Magic: The Gathering. Players can win random cards by playing against merchants and inn keepers, win special cards in certain quests and by purchasing them from merchants.
For a full location guide see the interactive dashboard above. Inotia 3 modded apk unlimited gem offline.

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Witcher 3 Gwent Card Dealer Service

A player must have a full deck consisting of a minimum of 22 unit cards and up to 10 special cards.
Unit cards can be chosen from 4 factions or neutral cards.
A player wins by getting the highest score in 2 out of 3 rounds.
A round is over when both players have passed or there are no more cards to play.
(Note: When a player passes no more cards can be played that round, but the opponent can keep playing cards until he/she passes or runs out of cards)
It's okay to lose a round and in fact it is highly recommended, see 'Top Tips' below:

  1. It's okay to lose a round. Lure your opponent to play his/her best cards early and keeping your best cards for later and leaving your opponent weakened in future round(s)
  2. Use spy cards early, especially when trying to lose the first round
  3. Early in your playthrough while you have a weaker deck, use the second Northern Realm General as this will clear all weather effects, but wait till the end of the gwent round to use it as you may end up clearing more than one weather effect card
  4. You must have at least 22 cards in your deck plus special cards. Keep your deck to the very best cards and stay with the 22 minimum plus a few special cards like Decoy and Commander's Horn. This will increase the chances of getting dealt the best cards
  5. Remove all weather cards from your deck, they are not that useful. Focus on Decoys, Commander's Horn, Cards that Double up and Cards that gives you extra cards like spies and medic
  6. Use Decoys on enemy spies. Yes you can take your opponents spy card and play it back at them!
  7. Buy all cards in the game and Play every merchant as they give out random cards when you win

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